"I Love Acoustic" leads Music One sales

The 17-track album I Love Acoustic offers intimate acoustic interpretations to various pop and alternativesongs.

MCA Music's I Love Acoustic continues to capture the public's whim and fixation for soothing sounds and rhythms.

Less than a month after its release, the acoustic fever rises as I Love Acoustic climbs to the top of the retail charts. Music One, a major music retail chain in the country, has ranked I Love Acoustic as one of their top sellers since the start of 2009. This makes this album among the first in MCA Music's domestic roster to reach this rank in a short span of time.

I Love Acoustic, released through MCA Music. Inc., revolutionizes covers and popular hits by giving it a unique acoustic interpretation, giving it a more intimate feel. 17 tracks from different musical genres ranging from pop to alternative make up this album, giving listeners a good selection of well-loved songs. What's more interesting is that the acoustic versions of these hits are as good, if not better than the original.

MCA Music's newest singing sweetheart, Sabrina, gives sweet and charming renditions of the hits in this album. Sabrina started singing at a very young age and honed her talent for music through passion, hard work, and proper training. The talented 18-year old girl delivers a relaxing flair to well-loved hits like "Irreplaceable," "So Sick" and "She Will Be Loved." The imminent feeling of basking in the cool breeze becomes almost tangible to Sabrina's versions of "A Thousand Miles" "Home" and even to the alternative hit "Perfect." Seventeen tracks in this album are enveloped with a panache that is uniquely Sabrina's, while still managing to preserve the songs' original essence.

It is no surprise why people couldn't get enough of this breakthrough offering. Giving pop hits a different twist, this album transports listeners to a realm of relaxation and provides audiences a revitalizing feeling after a hard day's work. It also hits the sentimental touch point of the young, taking them to a trail down memory lane through the songs they have grown up listening to.


01. A Thousand Miles
02. Irreplaceable
03. So Sick
04. Out of Reach
05. Way Back Into Love
06. She Will Be Loved
07. Home
08. Superman
09. You're Beautiful
10. Hero
11. You and Me
12. My Guardian Angel
13. I'm With You
14. When September Ends
15. Perfect
16. The Reason
17. Umbrella

I Love Acoustic is available in all major record bars nationwide. The tracks from the album are also available through mobile download via your cellphones and online through www.fliptunes.net






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