Kenyo shows Bulacan pride thru sophomore album titled Maharlika

Kenyo vocalist Mcoy Fundales explains that the Tagalog word Maharlika has its roots in the Malayan term "Majer-Likha" that means a great piece of work. Thus, members of the Bulacan band chose to name their second album Maharlika (which translates to nobility).

From being a vocalist of the band Orangeand Lemons, Mcoy Fundales joined Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition season 2, but surprised viewers later onwhen he voluntarily left the house.

After that,Mcoy came back to Universal Records and formed a new band called Kenyo, withhis two former band mates in Orange and Lemons: Ace del Mundo (guitars) and JMdel Mundo (bass guitars). Their groupfirst released their debut album, a musical scrapbook titled Radiosurfing, last year that allowed theirgroup to conduct a U.S.tour.

This 2009, Kenyo has released their second album titled Maharlika, and they were joined by two new band mates: Cleng Ocampo onguitars and Ariz Villalon on drum/percussions.

Kenyo wascoined from the Tagalong word Bulakenyo since all members of Kenyo are nativesof Bulacan province. Ayon naman kay Mcoy, ang title raw ng album nilangMaharlika has a story behind it.

"I did someresearch in BulacanMuseum and I found outthat Maharlika originated from four Tagalog terms. ‘Yung una po, Majer-Likha—it's a Malayan term that means "great piece of work." Tapos going back pa,meron pa siyang mas lumang Tagalong word na Mahar-Lika which means, beautifulcreation at du'n naging Maharlika. Eventuallymodern [meaning] po natin is nobility, pero, ‘yun po talaga ang meaning niya."

Kuwento pani Mcoy, "Noong una po, we we're thinking about it. I asked for a sign kung ‘yun ba ang magandang titleng album namin na bago. Paglabas namin sa Universal Records, we saw a platenumber na actually, it's a police officer or own by a Military officer natin,nakalagay Maharlika. And then, goinghome, I realized na dumadaan ako saMaharlika Highway. So, all the signs are pointing. The signs we're there na Maharlika."

Mcoy recalls how their sophomore album was formed.

"Well, asyou all know after Orangeand Lemons, I went inside the BigBrother House. I was invited by the people who helped us din naman from ABS.So, I just can't say no, so, parang pahinga ko na ‘yun, retreat. I did thatone.


"When I wasinside the house, ‘yung magkapatid, they formed another band. When I got out ofthe house, nagkita ulit kami, siyempre, nandoon pa rin yung urge to play musicand that's when we decided to form Kenyo. Then we had Ariz na pinsan po nila and Cleng who is fromBulacan din to play guitar. Para maibarin sa Orange and Lemons, dapat lima na tayo ngayon paramas makapal din ang tunog.

"Tapos lastyear, nagkaroon kami ng project album, so, we decided to do two cover songs,‘yung Sana andAyoko Na Sa ‘Yo. It was Radiosurfing na more than a month lang naming na-recordand it was released by UR [Universal Records].

"Pero anghindi alam ng lahat, we were writing original songs na last year pa to a pointpo na we have enough materials to actually record two to three albums. So, wechose the 12 ones, to put in Maharlika. This is like our second album but if you ask us how we feel, this is ourfirst talaga kasi, ito ‘yung original. Last year was a project album."

Ang descriptionnila sa sound and music ng Maharlika ay, "para siyang kundiman na pinabigat. "May distortion pero ‘yung mga lyrics niya, parang Bulakenyo talaga.Kenyong-kenyo talaga the way it was written."

One of theoriginal songs of the album is titled "Filipina." Si Mcoy raw ang sumulat ng kanta.

"Parangtribute ko po to all Filipinas here and abroad. When I was writing the song, nasa mall ako, e. Nakatambay ako. Parang dito ko lang nakita sa atin na maymestiza, may chinita, may morena, may mukhang Latina, they are all Filipinas,pero, lahat ng ganda na makikita mo globally, parang nasa loob lang ng MOA [Mall of Asia]. Parang nasa atin lang."

Anotherthing that makes this album special is their first collaboration with female artist Hi-C from Dice & K9. The result is the track titled "Simulan na Natin."


"It's avery sexy track. First time for us to do that kind of track and for me to singwith someone. And Hi-C is now appearingfor Playboy magazine this month and we're very happy na she graciously invitedto sing with us sa album. It's a very nice track. So, it open doors for future collaborationwith other artists."

He's alsolooking forward to sing with other OPM artists like Rey Valera, Rico Puno, JoseMari Chan. But what holding a reunion with his former band mates in Orange and Lemons?

"Ah, maslooking forward ako to sing with other artists," natawa niyang sabi.


1. Filipina

2. Tadhana

3. HanggangSa Muli

4. SimulanNa Natin

5. WishOn A Star

6. Kalayaan

7. MeantimeGirl

8. StrongMan

9. SomeoneFor You

10. LearnTo Swallow

11. Alay Na Alaala

12. HanggangSa Muli (acoustic)





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