Jericho Rosales’s songs for past girlfriends included in his new album

Although he was not successful in his previous attempts to make a big name in the music industry, Jericho Rosales has not lost the desire to share hismusic to the public.

"Ito talaga ang isang side ko na kadalasan ay maraming besesna akong nakutusan at [kinukuwestiyon] bakit ko ba hinihiligan itong music," hequipped during last week’s press launch of his first album under Star Records inABS-CBN.

Change, accordingto Jericho orpopularly known as Echo, actually represents the changes that happened in hislife after releasing an album with his then band called Jeans.

"Maraming changes kasi ang nangyari sa akin, e," hesaid. "Sa nakaraang dalawang taon—changehere, change here, change my music style, changed my label. I lot of changes have happened."

Coming from a music band, Echo said that he’s still not usedto promoting the album without his band at his side.

"Kapag nagpo-promote ako ng album, right now, wala ’yongbanda ko, di ba? Hindi pa rin ako[sanay]. Gusto ko, siyempre, may kasamasa stage," he told the media.

He then related how affected he was when the group disbandedto pursue their personal plans.

Echo described, "Honestly, this is one of the tragedies nadinaanan ko sa buhay ko. I would saythat because when my band had to go away, it broke my heart talaga. They had to earn money and I had to go back toacting and hindi ko na mabigyan ng time ’yong music. We had to part ways kasi kailangan naminkumita ng pera. You know, I lived thelife of medyo normal lang ng konti. Imean, normal sa showbiz level. I had tostop for a year and earn money from singing every night sa mga bar."


Although earning money in his chosen music career was not aseasy as he was an actor, Echo said that he would still treasure theexperience.

He said, "Ako, hindi talaga ako nagsisi doon because Ilearned a lot being on stage. Whetherthere’s five people watching me or five thousand people watching me, I’ll beable to perform kasi ’yong training nainabot, e. There were times talaga na Iwanted to cry, I wanted to quit. I was infront of mga foreigners and konti lang ang nakikinig sa akin. Hindi ko alam na mga foreigners ang makikinigsa akin, e, mga Tagalog songs ang dala ko. I only have a few English songs."

Right now, Echo and his former bandmates are currentlyholding an audition for potential bandmates but he’s not yet sure if he will release an album in the future.

"Madami akong plano,e. I’m really a band guy. Depende, malalaman natin ’yan. But definitely, I really need a band. I’m a band guy, e," he emphasized.

SONGS FOR HIS PAST GIRLFRIENDS. During the presslaunch, Echo mentioned songs included in the album that are dedicated to his past girlfriends: Kristine Hermosa and Heart Evangelista.

First, he talked about "Pusong Ligaw" for his onscreenpartner and former girlfriend Kristine Hermosa. Echo said he wrote the song because, "‘Pusong Ligaw’ kasi noongnagbalik-tambalan kami ni Kristine for the soap. They asked me if I can write one song na parasa soap. This particular song, medyolumang kanta ko na ito na sinulat ko at nire-write ko. I believe they’re gonna use this song para sasoap namin [Dahil May Isang Ikaw]."

Echo plays the fiance of Kristine Hermosa in the ABS-CBN teleserye Dahil May Isang Ikaw.


He became quiet when the song "I Love You Way" was playedin the room. It turned out, this songwas his original composition dedicated to his most recent ex-girlfriend HeartEvangelista.

"This is the song where sinulat ko ng impromptu and kinantako ng live sa birthday niya," he started describing. "It was her birthday couple of yearsago. The best thing that I could giveher was words, di ba? Words talaga and Ilike writing so on the spot, nag-birthday party siya sa isang cinema. Then, tinawag ko si Dan [Serano], gitaristanamin and we sang it there."

The actor-performer said that he did not hesitate to includeit in his album because, "I’m not ashamed of my past."

He continued, "I’m not ashamed of anything aboutmyself. I know that lahat ng ginagawako, whether it ended well or not, I believe that there’s a purpose toeverything."

Check out these songs and other revivals, which Echopersonally picked for his album Change.

By December, the singer-actor will have a majorconcert in connection with his music album. It was first scheduled on December 5, but when the actor found out that Kaya Natin ’To concert would also be onthe same day, Echo said that he might have it moved to a different day. He added that the concert would also be abenefit concert for Filipinos greatly affected by typhoons.


Your Smiling Face

Tin Man

Change The Word

Guitar Man

Cool Change


Naalala Ka

Lost Without Your Love

And I Love Her

Love Bug

Hanggang Ngayon

Bonus Tracks:

Di Bale Na Lang

Beautiful In My Eyes





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