Kuh Ledesma will sing about Forever Love this Valentine’s Day

Kuh Ledesma will perform with Christopher de Leon (in photo) and Jomari Yllana for her shows slated for February 12 and 14. Dubbed Forever Love, this intimate concert will take place at the Captain’s Bar inside Mandarin Hotel.

In the annals of pop music history, love songs have been universally embraced for their timeless and relatable messages. This is why at any given moment, there’s a love song in any music chart around the world, with some of the biggest being "Endless Love," "My Heart Will Go On" and "I Will Always Love You."

The same holds true in the OPM scene. And one of the most cherished Filipino love songs ever written that talks about finding and keeping true love has lines that have lived in the hearts of everyone whom it has touched: "Till I met you, I never knew what love was...I love you more each day."

A top hit by Kuh Ledesma in the ’80s, "Till I Met You" is just one of dozens of songs by the Pop Diva that presents love in a positive way. Other classic Kuh titles are "Hello," "I Think I’m In Love" and "One More Try."

This Valentine season, Kuh will once again play cupid to both lovers and music lovers via her intimate concert dubbed Forever Love. To be held on February 12 and 14 at the Captain’s Bar inside Mandarin Hotel, the concert’s repertoire includes her own hits, songs by new artists and some upbeat tunes that all impart the message of staying in love with the right person.

"Everyone is looking for a forever love," said Kuh. "And once you find ’the one,’ you and your partner must work on strengthening the relationship to make it last. Love requires a lot of building, nurturing...a lot of give and take, but more on the sharing part because love should be unconditional."


In between songs, the Pop Diva will give the audience some tips on how to keep the love burning. Kuh joked: "Well, if your loved one brings you to my concert, then it’s a pretty good gauge of how serious that person is with you. After all, there’s only one Valentine’s Day in a year and since it’s very special, the person you’re with on that day has got to be ’the one’ for you."

On both nights, Kuh will have a date with not just one, but two of the most lovable men in the entertainment industry: Christopher de Leon and Jomari Yllana. Although better known as prized actors, Kuh herself handpicked the two, knowing fully well that there’s more to these gentlemen than meets the eye.

"I once sang a duet with Christopher in one of my shows in the U.S. Because he’s such a good actor, people tend to overlook the fact that he can sing, too. He, in fact, released an album of movie theme songs some years back," said Kuh.

As for Jomari, the Pop Diva only serendipitously discovered that the former heartthrob can well carry a tune, too, when they performed together on GMA-7’s singing contest, Celebrity Duets, where Jomari was a finalist. "We sang ’The Way You Look Tonight’ and I remember thinking, ’Wow, this guy has a good singing voice,’" she recalled.

In Forever Love, Kuh will be working with her favorite set of musicians including musical director Rey Cristobal, who will be writing new arrangements for the songs in the repertoire. "It will be an elegant show but at the same time, fun. When people leave Forever Love, they will bring with them a sense of purpose to not give up on searching for true love and to choose it above everything else. Love will definitely be in the air in both nights of the show," Kuh said.


The Pop Diva certainly knows how to deliver on that promise. Already 30 years in the business, Kuh almost always holds Valentine’s shows every year, including ones with Noel Pointer, Jack Jones, Michel Legrand, among so many others.

Forever Love is brought to you by Music Museum and Mandarin Oriental Manila. For ticket information, please call 7210635 or 7216726.





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