Billy Crawford is part of Nikki Gil’s newest album titled Somebody to Love

Nikki Gil’s latest album, Somebody to Love, contains 11 tracks and is predominantly composed of original materials.

Singer-actress Nikki Gil deserves all the applause for courageously defying what most of her peers and fellow singers have been doing on most recording projects.

For her latest album and third overall, Nikki and PolyEast Records both agreed to come out with an album composed of fresh, new songs.

"It was a challenge to come up with an all-original album...To find the materials, that’s challenging," confided Nikki to the entertainment press during a sit-down interview held at the Discovery Suites in Pasig City recently.

The decision to utilize original compositions, according to Nikki, was her own way of helping local composers who tirelessly create new materials despite the difficulty of finding interested producers and labels.

Somebody to Love boasts of songs written by, among others, Wency Cornejo, Arnie Mendaros, Dan Gil, Marcus Davis, and Chito Ilagan.

The new album, likewise, showcase Nikki’s transition from a competent pop star to a mature singer. What hasn’t change though was the singer-actress’s preference to deliver easy-listening tunes in the vein of her previous hit singles.

"It was a smooth transition in between albums. It was not a drastic change," said Nikki, pertaining to the genre of choice.

Some of the notable tracks in the album are "I’ll Be Yours," "Bawat Hakbang," the pop/R&B tune "Don’t Break My Heart," the inspiring "I Can Only Imagine," "I Will Be Loving You," and the infectious "Magbabalik Ka Pa Ba."

Even Nikki’s rendition of Hale’s poignant "Kung Wala Ka" sounds novel, giving the number a female voice at par with the original recorded version.


It is also worth mentioning that Nikki’s boyfriend, singer Billy Crawford, showed his support to the endeavor by contributing the song, "You Are My Life." Billy was even present during the recording to guide Nikki through the process.

Part of Nikki’s promotional efforts for the album is a mall tour scheduled this month stretching until early April.

"That’s my regret during the previous albums—I wasn’t able to do the rounds on malls," revealed Nikki. "But for this album I will."

Fans can watch and hear Nikki perform songs from her new album on the following dates and venues: Robinsons Manila (March 12), Robinsons Metroeast (March 13), Robinson Imus (March 14), Robinsons Galleria (March 26), Robinsons Lipa (April 9), Robinsons Pampanga (April 10), and Robinsons Sta. Rosa (April 11).


  1. Somebody to Love
  2. Time and Again
  3. You Are My Life (featuring Billy Crawford)
  4. Don’t Break My Heart
  5. Kung Wala Ka
  6. Bawa’t Hakbang
  7. I Will Be Loving You
  8. Magbabalik Ka Pa Ba
  9. I’ll Be Yours
  10. Last Love
  11. I Can Only Imagine





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