New band Kiss Jane aims to break Free from labels

Kiss Jane is composed of (from left) bassist Heins Capiral, drummer Sheila Rosette, vocalist Jaq Dionisio and guitarist Jeff De Castro. Their 12-track album titled Free is now available in record bars.

Sony Music Entertainment Philippines is proud to introduce its newest band called Kiss Jane. It was the idea of Sheila Rosette (drums) to invite Jaq Dionisio (vocals), Jeff De Castro (guitars) and Heins Capiral (bass) so they could create a fresh new sound for people to hear and appreciate. The group’s name was inspired by the song "Sweet Jane" and also serves as a tribute to Sheila’s former band called Juana.

The members of Kiss Jane say that they do not want to be labeled into one specific type of music. "We can define it as pop-alternative, a bit of everything. If you listen to the album, it has a bit of pop, a bit of ballad, dance, rock. So ’yun basically a mix of everything... We don’t want to be classified as this particular genre lang, we don’t want to be classified as ’dance rock band’ or ’rock band’ or ’pop band,’" explained Jaq during their press conference held at the Sony Music office in Ortigas Center.


Sheila, who wrote the seven songs in the album, shared her inspiration for writing her songs. "Actually sa ’kin, ang melody ’yung importante, kaya medyo catchy. So, sinusundan ko lang ’yung melody, tapos bigla na lang lalabas. Or minsan din, halimbawa mayroon akong ka-kwentuhan na kaibigan, sinasabi nila yung love story nila sa akin, tapos parang ’yung nasa isip ko, ’yun tuloy ’yung nagagawa ko’ng song."

Their debut album, titled Free, is composed of 12 tracks including their carrier single "Kahit Na." The band members chose the song "Langit" as their personal favorite in the album.

When asked about the story behind the carrier single, Sheila narrated, "Kasi story ’to ng friend ko, mayroon siyang nagustuhan kaso taken na. Pero noong start, ’di niya alam na taken na yung guy. Actually gusto rin siya nung guy kaso taken na pala."

Having different genres in one’s album is definitely a good combo for listeners who enjoy a lot of music. The other songs in the album are "Lihim", "Free", "Lagi", "Minsan Lang", "Baliw", "Langit", "Mistakes", "Bituin", "Sana", "Don’t Wanna" and "All The Things."


According to the members of Kiss Jane, Free offers something fresh, playful, fun, sweet and cute. Their album is already available in record stores courtesy of Sony Music.


1. Kahit Na
2. Lihim
3. Free
4. Lagi
5. Minsan Lang
6. Baliw
7. Langit
8. Mistakes
9. Bituin
10. Sana
11. Don’t Wanna
12. All The Things


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