Christian Bautista will shoot music video with Singaporean pop singer Kewei

Christian Bautista stands proudly beside his very own album display in an HMV Record Bar in Singapore. According to Christian’s manager, Carlo Orosa, the album Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan is being sold in Singapore a dollar higher compared to the international album of Charice.

Earlier today, May 21, Christian Bautista visited HMV, a popular worldwide retail record bar in Singapore where he chanced upon his latest CD Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan. Copies of his album were being sold as a new release right beside copies of Charice Pempengco’s international CD.

S2S Records Managing Director Dean Agustin says, "The HMV Retail Buyer Manager Kamal Yacob informed us that because of the brisk sales of Christian’s CD they are predicting that by next week his album will soon be in the Top Pop Rock Charts."

Last May 19, S2S Records, the company that also produced Aiza Seguerra’s international Asian album, flew in Christian Bautista to Singapore to shoot his first music video for the song "Please Be Careful with My Heart."

The male balladeer will perform an Asian version in English and Mandarin for the Chinese market with famous Singaporean pop singer Kewei. The 26-year-old singer Kewei is known for her independent EP titled KEEP!

Christian promoted "Please Be Careful With My Heart" in Singapore’s 938 LIVE radio program and Razor TV. The Filipino singer also performed live for a packed crowd at the DXO Club in Esplanade. The Mandarin version of "Please Be Careful With My Heart" has been enjoying radio airplay in the following local Singapore Chinese radio stations: YES 93.3FM, 100.3UFM, 88.3 JIAFM, LOVE 97.2FM, CAPITAL 95.8FM.

Christian Bautista’s album, Romance Revisited Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong release, is available in retail music shops like HMV Singapore & Hong Kong, Gramophone (Singapore), That CD Shop (Singapore), Eslite (Taiwan), Bookend (Taiwan), Sui Sheng (Hongkong) and 34 other music retailers.





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