Bamboo’s repackaged album contains new single "Bagong Sigaw"

Platinum-selling band Bamboo and PolyEast Records release the repackaged version of the band’s 2009 album, Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday, containing a new single titled, "Bagong Sigaw."

Bamboo Mañalac, Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz, and Vic Mercado—collectively known as the hit-making rock band Bamboo—are back with their latest single titled "Bagong Sigaw."

The new radio single coincides with the release of the repackaged version of the band’s 2009 platinum album Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday under PolyEast Records.

Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday has spawned the hits "Kalayaan," "Muli," "Last Days On A Cruise Ship," and "Kailan." Critics and listeners hail the band for courageously evolving musically without abandoning their ability to churn out tunes that captivate a wide audience.

The theme of love, relationships, God, love, and country are still present, along with the anthemic hooks that define past hits like "Noypi," "Mr. Clay," "Hallelujah," and "Tatsulok," among others.

Formed in 2002, Bamboo has released four commercially successful albums: As The Music Plays (2004), Light Peace Love (2005), We Stand Alone Together (2007), and Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday (2009).

PolyEast Records proudly labeled the group as "one of the biggest bands in the country. Never has any rock band been so blessed with the ability to inspire and capacity to affect people with anthemic songs as Bamboo."


Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday repackaged version is also available with the album’s four hit singles of Bamboo’s music videos in DVD.


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