Cueshé returns to the recording scene with its 12-track album, Life

Cueshé launched its album titled Life last October 8, 2010 at the Tiendesitas Activity Center. The 12-track album is available in record bars under Sony Music.

After slowing down for a couple of years, life goes on for members of pop-rock band Cueshé. In fact, they recently released their latest album titled, yes, Life.

With Life, Cueshé goes back to the sound they became known for and well-loved by many when they broke into the mainstream scene in 2005.

"This album is going back to basics, humbling ourselves and realizing that it all boils down to music," says the band--still comprised of lead vocalist Jay Justiniani, guitarist/vocalist Ruben Caballero, guitarist Jovan Mabini, keyboardist Jhunjie Dosdos, bassist Fritz Labrado, and drummer Mike Manaloto. "It’s not about the money and fame, but the fact that we’re still around despite our differences and the battles that we have fought. And we’ll still be here until the battle is won."

Cueshé last released a studio album, Driven, in 2008, which featured a much heavier sound. It was considered a success with radio hits "BMD," "There Was You" and "Minsan."

Why did it take them this long to release a follow-up album?

"Ginawa kasi naming, parang steady lang, kumbaga, kasi, hindi naman kami nagmamadali, kung anong meron o anong naisulat na, which we think is okay, steady lang. We did put out a deadline, though, which was 2009, pero pumasok yung mga gigs out of town and out of the country, so na-move nang na-move, until such a time came, in 2010, na kailangan na talaga," explains Fritz in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) prior to the show proper during their album launch at the Tiendesitas Activity Center last Friday, October 8.

"May mga kaunting transition kami. From old management, umalis kami, so isa rin yun sa naging dahilan kung bakit natagalan. Inayos muna namin yung management namin, then inayos din namin yung differences within the band, para ’pag may bagong album, solid na, wala nang hang-ups, wala nang problema, everything will go smooth."


The album’s carrier single is "Pangako," which was written by Jhunjie and is now a certified radio hit. His inspiration? His wife.

"Malayo kasi kami sa isa’t isa. She’s based in Hawaii, ako dito sa Philippines," reveals Jhunjie. "That song is my promise to her na kaming dalawa talaga."

Ruben adds, laughing: "Nakakatawa kasi dati secret marriage sila, ngayon hindi na, ’bulgar’ marriage na."

What can their fans expect from their latest offering?

"May mga slow songs pa rin kami rito, parang ’yung sa first album namin, which is ’yon ang naging puhunan naming at naging hatak. But they can expect na mas nag-mature kami. Mas lumalim ang melodies ng mga kanta," says Fritz.

So Cueshé is definitely at it again, notwithstanding bumps and challenges along the way.

"We have proven a lot to ourselves, very surprisingly! Now, we have to prove to the whole world that whatever comes our way, we’ll emerge victorious. We have to. Otherwise, why are we still doing this? It’s a game called life, and life for us is music!" the band says.

"In the end, we stand for our pride--the pride of making good music regardless of our struggles--individually or collectively, and sharing it with those who embrace life."

is available in CDs under Sony Music.


1. Pangako

2. Tara Na

3. Damage

4. Lupit

5. Still

6. Sana

7. Alone

8. Fade

9. Sweet Surrender

10. Breathe

11. Over Now

12. Now





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