Jed Madela serenades the U.S. June 28-July 1

Jed Madela won the gold medal in all the six categories of the 10th World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA).

He was hailed the next concert king at the start of 2006 with his first concert—the Voice Behind the Gold—as stunning proof of his incredible talent and sterling performance as a concert artist. The rest of 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 pointed to the coming of age of world-class performer Jed Madela.

His concert at Onstage in Greenbelt in July 2006 showcased the incredible range of his voice, as in his rendition of the Gregorian chant. The mixed repertoire of songs he himself chose—for the so-called "text generation" who go for pop music to the "baby boomers" of Frank Sinatra’s heyday—kept the audience satisfied.

Eight months later, Lea Salonga introduced him as "not human." The sounds he produced with so much ease was extraordinary—beyond human. He stops hearts whenever he sings, as a guest singer, a regular ASAP performer, or a solo concert artist.

Catch him offstage and you meet a man so soft-spoken and humble you can’t believe he is the same person who gripped his listeners in rapturous attention onstage. Griff O’Neal, President of the World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA), in Hollywood California, proudly introduced him as our World Champion—in talent, in performance, and in demeanor.

Hear this new concert king take pride in his being a Pinoy and a Grand Champion Performer of the World. Catch him perform live in his U.S. concert tour entitled Jed Madela ...Serenades in the following states:

San Diego - June 28 - Poway Center for the Performing Arts


Los Angeles - June 30 - The Grand Theater

San Francisco - July 1 - Herbst Theater

For tickets to the San Diego and Los Angeles performances, please call: 818-240-8397; 626-251-5794 or 323-478-8347. Or look for Framee Fernando at 951-5060545 / 8086361539.

For tickets to the San Francisco performance, (415) 3924400 or purchase tickets at the Herbst Theater Box office.





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