Songwriter Acel to be launched as the country’s first digital artist

Acel, the former lead female of Moonstar88, will be launched as the first digital artist in the Philippines. She is signed with Nugen label of STAR Records.

Nugen Music is all-set to launch singer-songwriter Acel as the country’s first-ever digital artist. Best known as the voice behind phenomenal hit “Torete” (released in 1999 with her band Moonstar88), Acel has built up a solid rep for churning out some of the most honest and endearing Pinoy alternative-pop gems of the last decade.

Among her recent dibs in singing include her rendition of the theme song "Lihim" in ABS-CBN’s soap opera Maria Flor de Luna; and her original "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig", included in the soundtrack of primetime adventure series Rounin. Acel is also set to do the theme song “One Love” of the upcoming Korean soap in ABS-CBN.

Now, after a two-year hiatus, Acel is back as a solo artist carrying a new line-up of excellent original compositions, all of which will only be made available thru digital downloads.

Led by the single “Pakiusap” Acel’s latest batch of original songs is a refreshing collection of stellar melodies that merge alternative-pop and rock into one well-knitted patch of musical masterpiece.

There is no mistaking Acel’s clear and light nightingale voice as she effortlessly tops these tunes with her unique brand of light euro-rock vocal styling. The carrier single “Pakiusap”, which is currently enjoying airplay in all major stations, is the first OPM song ever to be launched and sold exclusively on digital.

To download “Pakiusap”, and other new songs by Acel, simply get an E-pin (electronic pin) or buy Acel’s specialized prepaid-cards from any Loadcentral outlets or at any Netopia branch. Log on to, and use the login name and password provided on your e-pin/card and in a few easy clicks you can get Acel’s latest solo effort to play on your desktop or ipod to your heart’s content.


In our changing musical landscape, talented and much missed Acel is only the first of many who will soon take advantage of many possibilities of going digital. Acel’s digital release is made possible by Star Records.





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