Jim Paredes says recording his album without former APO Hiking Society members feels "strange" yet "exhilarating"

In his personal blog, Jim Paredes has this to say about his solo album titled Laro: "I wrote the songs here out of pure expression. I come from the school of thought that believes the first thing an artist must ask is what he wants to say. The second is how to say it to make an audience appreciate it."

He is a renowned musician, producer, educator, writer, television personality, workshop facilitator, and activist. After conquering Filipino audiences as one third of the legendary group APO Hiking Society, he tries going solo with his debut album titled Laro.

Released under MCA Music, Jim Paredes says this about Laro, "I wanted to do an album out of pure joy and fun. I didn’t care to find out what people were buying or listening to. It was not important to me. I wanted something honest and direct. I wanted to be free."

Though this time there is no Danny Javier and Buboy Garovillo to record with him, he still considers his solo effort a delight to make and the "most enjoyable recording [he has] ever done."

Jim said of this experience: "It’s strange to record an album without my two friends. But it is exhilarating to be 100 percent responsible for what came out. All the songs are original. I worked with Ernie Baladjay, APO’s arranger and friend of many years. Actually it wasn’t work. We played."

The songs that make up Laro are "OPM Rap," "Butong Pakwan," "Ang Ganda Mo," "May Araw Ka Rin," "Sinungaling," "Feeling Guilty," "Libog Lang Yan," "Lumisan Na Siya," "In My Heart," "Basic Love," "Sumpa," "Live Your Own Life," "Mangarap at Managinip" and "Palagi-lagi."

"Some songs were written as I did the album. Some were done more than 10 years ago. They weren’t ready then. Now, they are more than ready," Jim said.

Laro is now out in CDs under MCA Music.





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