Still no reunion for the Eraserheads

Though the Eraserheads are billed to perform on July 26 at Saguijo Café, sources say that only two former members will be there to relive the E-heads magic. Ely Buendia (left) and Marcus Adoro (right)) will be unable to attend the gig for various reasons.

Local music fans, especially of the band scene, were recently surprised by the news that legendary ‘90s band, the Eraserheads, is scheduled to perform at Saguijo Café in Makati City this coming July 26.

But for those who are eagerly looking forward to the event in the hopes of seeing the Pinoy fab four together once more dishing out their classic well-loved hits, the truth is there would still be no reunion that night.

While the name of the band was indeed billed that evening together with contemporaries, The Teeth, Rivermaya, and Parokya ni Edgar, only two former Eraserheads members are sure to show up.

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) talked with Pupil co-manager Day Cabuhat last night, July 8, regarding the said event and this is what she had to say:

"I have nothing to do with the gig. What I know is that it’s Raimund [Marasigan] and Buddy [Zabala] with Jett Pangan [of The Dawn]. Marcus [Adoro] made a statement online that he wasn’t notified and he’s not going. Ely has a gig with Pupil that night at Hard Rock Café for NU 107."


The Eraserheads—composed of Ely Buendia (vocals/guitars), Marcus Adoro (guitars), Buddy Zabala (bass), and Raimund Marasigan (drums)—are credited for leading local alternative music into the mainstream industry through their spunky, witty, and irrelevant yet catchy songs, which captured the imagination of the youth growing up during the ‘90s.

The band broke up in year 2002 under strained circumstances and have since moved on with their new respective groups.

Ely is now with Pupil while Raimund is fronting another popular group, Sandwich. Buddy now plays bass for another legendary act, The Dawn, and Marcus is currently working on his comeback via his new rock outfit cleverly baptized as Marcus Highway.


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