Charice Pempengco gets recording contract via YouTube

Charice Pempengco’s trip to Stockholm, Sweden, was her first out-of-the-country travel and her first time to be separated from her mother because of work. Charice is only 14 years old.

Who would have known that the video exchange website YouTube would pave the way for a young aspiring singer to reach her dreams of having an international recording break? Charice Pempengco, Little Big Star Season 1 finalist and Star Records’ Artist Management talent, is ready to captivate the world market.

Ten Songs Production, a record company and Extensive Talent Management, based in Stockholm, Sweden, learned about Charice when they saw her Little Big Star video uploaded in YouTube. The young girl was then 12 years old when she sang her version of Whitney Houston’s "I Will Always Love You."

To date, that clip in YouTube has had 287,287 views and continues to entice more viewers, especially when someone uploaded a video of Charice with Bianca Ryan (finalist of America’s Got Talent) for a Face Off. Both are incredible young singers who caught the attention of Ten Songs Productions A&R Adis Adamson who, after seeing the video, immediately contacted Charice’s manager for a recording stint.


Charice and Star Records managing director Annabelle Regalado-Borja traveled all the way to Stockholm, Sweden, last June 14 to July 21 to start the demo recordings. The young Filipina singer recorded six songs of various genres to cater to the US and UK markets. Among the songs recorded were her own versions of "I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston original), "Stay" (Shakespeare Sisters original), "All The Money In the World" (an original song sourced by Ten Songs for Charice), and "Running Up That Hill" (Kate Bush original). Ten Songs Productions is continuously looking for more materials for her.

Charice had six days of recording, all done in two to three hours. Despite her nose bleed due to the cold weather, the young singer was very professional in her work.

Star Records and Ten Songs Productions plan to release Charice’s songs digitally, which is the current trend in the US and UK’s music industry. Star Records will have its digital release within the year while other hit songs are being developed for her.



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