Garrie Concepcion launches "dream come true" album

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Garrie Concepcion launches her self-titled debut album, which she describes as a "dream come true."

"A song for me is like a poem with music. So just like any other poem, it speaks about different feelings that want to be expressed," the daughter of Gabby Concepcion says.

"This isn’t just an album for me. I worked hard for it and it’s something that I have been praying and waiting for. This is a dream come true."

Garrie started singing when she was three, where she would sing soundtracks from Disney princesses.

Now that she has an album, "To be honest, I never imagined that it would even be possible. This album allowed me to do something that I am passionate about, it allowed me to show the world my first love and that is singing. I would go back to where it all started. To where my love for singing began."

The carrier single is titled "Relaks Lang Tayo," a youth anthem that happens to be her favorite as well.

Other songs include "Baby You Are," "Totoo," "Relaks Lang Tayo," "Tayo Pala," "Mula Ngayon," "I Can," "Bilib Ako Sa ’Yo," "Just Like Always," "Mahal na Mahal," "Kasi Nga Wala Ka," "What If It’s You," "Inspirasyon," and "Walang Sandaling ’Di Kita Minahal." The album, which is going to be released under Star Records, will be available in Odyssey and Astro Vision branches.

The promising singer took voice lessons to prepare for her debut album, which she dedicates to her mom Grace Ibuna, who has been her "rock, hero, best friend, and life mentor."

When asked about the kind of support she got from her dad and sister KC Concepcion, "I think that Papa was vocal of his wish that none of his children would enter showbiz but he also said that if it were something that we really want then he’d be supportive of it.


"Ate Kace, on the other hand, is very supportive but is protective, too. I know they’re both there for me as I am here for them."

Lastly, she tells her fans: "My sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for those who appreciate and believe in me. I promise that I will try my best not to let you down and I will never cease to strive to be a better artist and singer. You believing in me touched my life in ways only all of you can do. Marami pong salamat!"





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