Magical spell puts Derrick Monasterio's character in critical condition

In Alice Bungisngis, the character of Derrick Monasterio (left) falls sick while Bea Binene's character takes the blame for what happened.

The magical adventure continues in the life of a good teenage witch in GMA-7's Afternoon Prime series Alice Bungisngis.

In the next episodes of Alice Bungisngis, Spade (Derrick Monasterio) is in critical condition due to a spell cast upon on him. All eyes are on Alice (Bea Binene) as she takes the blame on what happened to her friend.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda (Jean Garcia) tells Ace (Jake Vargas) that Alice is the reason on why Spade is in a coma.

As Ace learns about the truth, what will happen to his friendship with Alice? Will Spade recover from his condition?

Don’t miss the spellbinding episodes of Alice Bungisngis before 24 Oras on GMA-7.


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