Yohan and Lucho surprise daddy Ryan Agoncillo on Talentadong Pinoy

Judy Ann Santos (left) brought along their children, Lucho (second from left) and Yohan (rightmost), to surprise Ryan Agoncillo during a special episode of Talentadong Pinoy.

TV5’s flagship talent search, Talentadong Pinoy, rounds up its finalists for the upcoming Battle of the Champions with its final wildcard episode. Former winners who fell short of grabbing the Hall of Fame title are given a second chance.

Competing in this week’s upcoming episode are power singer Yumi Morales, hulahoop child wonder Reese Portulan, blind singer and keyboardist Jerimie Tampoy, wire balancer Shiba Gonzales, acrobatic dancers Exodus, and singing diva Rhyzza Kafilas.

The winner will join this season’s Hall of Famers and move on to the grand finals also known as the Battle of the Champions, which will be held on May 5 and 6 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Aside from the heart-stopping performances of the wildcard contestants, Talentadong Pinoy also surprises its host, Ryan Agoncillo, as he celebrates his birthday in the show. In a rare occasion, Ryan is joined by his wife Judy Ann Santos and their kids Yohan and Lucho.


See all these and more in the latest episode of Talentadong Pinoy this Sunday, April 15, 7:30 PM on TV5.


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