Edu Manzano hosts Endemol quiz show "1 vs. 100"

Asidefrom hosting Pilipinas Game KNB?, Edu Manzano has been tapped to be thequizmaster in the Endemol game show 1 vs. 100, which premiered lastAugust 25.

ABS-CBN recently launched 1 vs. 100, anew game show hosted by Edu Manzano that requires more than just mere stockknowledge or plain luck. Boasting of imported equipment fromJapan, China, Germany and the US, this quiz show is toutedas the most expensive game show produced by the Kapamilya Network.

1 vs. 100 will have a singlestudio player go against a mob of 100 contestants in a battle for the P2million top prize, relying on his or her general knowledge, ability tostrategize, and the will to win.

"Anggaling ng isa ay kayang tapatan ang galing ng isang daang tao," saidAlou Almaden, ABS-CBN business unit head. "It's a modern day version of Davidversus Goliath, wherein the studio player brings home the cash prize or the mobmembers split it."

Playing a very important role that will bringexcitement and tension to the game is the host. Almaden believes Edu fits the role to a tee because of hiscredibility in hosting game shows.


"Edu is the perfect choice because he isintelligent, funny, and compassionate. He is able to maintain his authoritativeness while being able to makecontestants feel at ease and connect with viewers," said Almaden.

1 vs. 100 is franchised from the Dutch productioncompany Endemol, the makers of hit shows Deal or No Deal, DreamAcademy, and Big Brother. The Philippines is the second Asiancountry following Vietnam to have its local version of 1 vs. 100, whichhas gained a wide following in the Netherlands, USA, UK, France, Germany,Spain, Australia, among others.

In the game, the studio player must outlast amob of 100 people coming from different sectors of society or fields ofexpertise by answering a series of questions, each corresponding to a cashvalue. Members of the mob who answerincorrectly get eliminated.

But if the studio contestant answersincorrectly, the remaining members of the mob get to split the prize and playin the next round. They will be calledthe "Unbeatables" and one of them will be selected as the next studio player.


Only three chances will be given to the studioplayer to ask for help from any of the members mob when in doubt of his or heranswer. At the end of each round, the lucky studio player may choose to take homethe pot money or face the mob for the chance to bring home the P2 millionjackpot.

Edu dispelled fears that only geniuses stand thechance to beat 100 contestants single-handedly. "You really don't have to be aborn genius to win because we will be asking general questions. It's your strategy and fighting spirit thatmatter here," he said.

In the pilot episode aired last August 25,fifteen mob members won and split the pot money accumulated by Ai-Ai delasAlas. They returned last Saturday asthe "Unbeatables" and faced Brod Pete, who also lost to the mob.

EduManzano's 1 vs. 100 airs every Saturday, 7:30 pm, on ABS-CBN.


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