Wyngard Tracy paired with former talent Jinky Vidal in "Celebrity Duets"

Wyngard Tracy sang "For Once in My Life" withhis former talent, Jinky Vidal of Freestyle, for the September 15 episode of CelebrityDuets. A wild card round is introduced in GMA-7's reality singingcompetition.

Wyngard Tracy surprised himselfby staying one more week in GMA-7's singing tilt, Celebrity Duets.During the September 15 episode, the talent manager declared that he would bethe one to be sent home that night by the voting public. When he sang "For Oncein My Life" with his former talent Jinky Vidal of Freestyle, Wyngard was surethat it would be his "farewell song" for the audience.

To everyone's amazement, the showwas declared a non-elimination round. To make things even more interesting, awild card round is introduced in the show. The two eliminated contestants, AnaTheresa Licaros and Frederick Peralta, now have the chance to rejoin thecompetition.

Celebrity Duets hostsRegine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid explain that viewers have until Saturday,September 22, to cast votes for their favorite contestant. Serving as judgeswere Louie Ocampo, Mitch Valdez, and Buboy Garovillo of the APO Hiking Society.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes performed with bombshell Rufa MaeQuinto for the song "Like a Virgin." Dr. Hayden Kho performed with worldchampion John Joven for the song "Bed of Roses." According to the boyfriend ofDr. Vicki Belo, this song has been the hardest to perform because the pitch is"really high and it requires a lot of courage."

Jessica Rodriguez-Bunevacz sangthe ballad "I Need You Back" with Raymond Lauchengco. The ‘80ssinger-heartthrob praised the businesswoman for looking very confident during their song number.

Dr. Manny Calayan gave a wackyperformance with Kempee De Leon for the song "Ale!" which is popularized by theBloomfields. Last but not least, Tim Yap donned an all-white outfit and an Afrowig as he sang "Because of You" with Keith Martin.

Watch the non-professional"singers" showcase their talent in singing on Celebrity Duetsevery Saturday, right after Fantastic Man on GMA-7.





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