Melissa Ricks backs off from kissing scenes with Matt Evans in "Love Spell"

"Humahanga ako sa kanya kasi siya ang babaeng hindi mahirappakisamahan, madaling kausap, hindi mahirap mahalin," says Matt Evans about hislove team partner Melissa Ricks. The two are paired in Love Spell: HairyHarry, which airs every Sunday morning on ABS-CBN.

Melissa Ricks would rather wait for her 18th birthday beforedoing her first kissing scene. As Sally in Love Spell: Hairy Harry, shewas expected to lock lips with co-star Matt Evans but she backed out at thelast minute.

During the press conference held last September 13 at theABS-CBN compound, Melissa related what happened during their taping for thekissing scene. "Meron dapat kissing scene pero nag-usap kami ni Matt...ewan ko,naiilang lang po ako siguro," she recalls.

"Nagkakahiyaan kaya nag-usap na lang kami kung anonggagawin. Yung hindi sa lips, dun na lang sa malapit. Naka-six takes rin yun,iba-ibang anggulo kasi," explains Melissa. "Noong una, kinakabahan ako [thumpsher chest]. Pagkatapos nun, nagtatawanan na lang kami."

When will she be ready to do a kissing scene? "‘Pag eighteenna ako, kailangan na," she admits. It seems that her fans will have to wait forMelissa to come of age on January 9 before she agrees to lock lips with anyone."Siguro sa next project ko po, handa na po kami kasi ngayon, pareho po kamingmay ‘ilang' factor."

For his part, Matt says that he was just as nervous as hisonscreen partner. "Tensiyonado na tensiyonado po ako nun," recalls Matt, whoplays the lead character Harry in the mini-series.

When asked to speculate why fans continue to be thrilled bytheir tandem even though they know that Matt is committed to his girlfriendOlyn Membian, Melissa points out that she and Matt have completely oppositepersonalities. "Si Matt, sobrang kulit. Ako po, sobrang tahimik. Lagi niyaakong pinapatawa at kinukulit."

Matt thinks that their offscreen compatibility translates intogood onscreen chemistry. "Siguro si Mel na-appreciate niya yung pagigingmakulit ko," he says.


"Inuubos nga niya yung pagkain ko sa set," interjectsMelissa.

When asked about their true feelings for each other, Mattdeclares that he had (and continues to have) a crush on Melissa. "Dati, crushko siya. Actually, hanggang ngayon meron pa naman. Humahanga ako sa kanya kasisiya ang babaeng hindi mahirap pakisamahan, madaling kausap, hindi mahirap mahalin."

According to him, this does not pose a problem for hisgirlfriend Olyn because the two are good friends.

A surprised Melissa reacts candidly to Matt's declaration."Crush mo ako, Matt?! Ngayon ko lang po nalaman ‘yan. Hindi po niya sinasabi.Siyempre, flattered po ako, dahil hindi naman niya sa ‘kin sinasabi yun ngpersonal."

Love Spell: Hairy Harry

Director: Andoy Ranay

Cast: Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Sharlene San Pedro, AaronJunatas, Tetchie Agbayani, Efren Reyes, Jr., Mario Magalona, and FrancesMakil-Ignacio

Harry (Matt) is a dog-lover who also works as a dog trainer.His clientele includes his childhood friend Sally (Melissa). The two get alongwell despite the presence of Sally's insecure and persistent admirer William(Puma de Borja). However, when Harry and Sally start to fall for each other,the young man suddenly finds himself transformed into a dog in the middle ofthe night.

The hapless Harry then finds out about their family'scurse—that he should not fall in love or else he will transform into a dog atsunset and go back to being a human upon sunrise. Will Harry and Sally realize that what they feel is only "puppy" love or will they find a way tobreak the curse?


Joining Matt and Melissa in this aDOGrable mini-series areSharlene San Pedro, Aaron Junatas, Tetchie Agbayani, Efren Reyes, Jr., MarioMagalona, and Frances Makil-Ignacio.

Watch the two dog lovers in Love Spell: Hairy Harry, whichairs at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning after Princess Hours on ABS-CBN.

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