Lovi Poe must choose between Rocco Nacino and Luis Alandy in Yesterday's Bride

A mother gives birth to her child while in deep coma.

This is the attention-grabbing premise of Yesterday’s Bride, GMA-7's upcoming afternoon drama where multi-awarded actress Lovi Poe will take on a new and challenging role. Compared to her previous TV roles that required a strong-willed and daring character, Lovi plays a totally different persona in as Andrea Manalo.

In a previous interview, Lovi told PEP.ph that she is no longer used to playing a "good girl" character. She explained, "Kasi I got used to ano, e, mga roles na marunong lumaban.

"And I’m not used to, like, love stories talaga. Yung mga scenes na in love kayo sa isa’t isa.

“Mahiyain ako sa mga ganun, e. As in tatawa lang ako the whole time."

Playing opposite her in the series are Kapuso actors Rocco Nacino as Justin Ramirez and Luis Alandy as Dr. Celso Agustin. Lovi, Rocco and Luis once teamed up in GMA-7’s drama series Mistaken Identity.

In Yesterday’s Bride, Lovi will have to decide if she will go for the man she was supposed to marry (Rocco) or the man whom fate seemed to choose for her (Luis).

The series tells the story of Andrea (Lovi), a hardworking, kind and loving woman who became an orphan early in life. Despite growing up poor, Andrea remained kind, caring and helpful towards other people and these traits make Justin (Rocco) fall in love with her even more. Justin is the son of a rich owner of the furniture factory where Andrea works. Justin’s parents are opposed to their relationship but because of Justin’s love for Andrea, he fights for her and their relationship.


However, a tragedy will shake their relationship and destroy their dreams of having a simple and happy family life together. On her way to the wedding, Andrea will figure in a car accident and will end up in a coma at a hospital where doctors discover that she is pregnant. Justin will stick it out with Andrea; caring for her; but their situation worsens when fire breaks out in the hospital.

During the ruckus, Andrea wakes up from her coma and escapes from the fire. Everyone thought Andrea died in the fire but she will find refuge in a house where Celso (Luis), a rich and kind-hearted doctor lives. Because she was in deep coma for a long time, Andrea was scared and confused when Celso found her. She was at a loss regarding her true identity. Celso promised that he will help her and will let her stay at his place; thereby giving her a new name, Loraine. Celso took care of Andrea as Loraine and they began to fall in love with each other.

Justin, on the other hand, was slowly trying to move on with his life through the help of another woman, Dr. Sabrina Torres (Karel Marquez).

What if Andrea meets Justin again? What will happen when Andrea finds out that Justin is her first love and the father of her child? What if Justin sees Andrea again, during the time he is already preparing for his own wedding with Sabrina?

Can Andrea leave Celso after everything he did for her?


Who will Yesterday’s Bride choose in the end? The man she vowed to marry, or the man destiny seemed to choose for her?

Yesterday’s Bride is directed by Gil Tejada, Jr., and with original concept by Liberty Trinidad. The creative team is composed of Creative Director, Jun Lana; Afternoon Prime Head, Roy Iglesias; Creative Consultant, Des Garbes - Severino; Headwriter, Maribel Ilag; writers, Ana Aleta-Nadela and Liberty Trinidad; and Brainstormers, Paul Sta. Ana, Karen Lustica and Tin Novicio.

The theme song, "Tunay Na Mahal" is interpreted by the Soul Diva, Jaya.

This original drama series, created by the GMA Drama Group, is supervised by the Executive In-charge of Production, Lilybeth G. Rasonable; AVP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, Program Manager Hazel Felizmenio Abonita with Executive Producer Joy Lumboy-Pili.

Yesterday’s Bride premieres October 29 right after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.





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