"Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan" zooms on GMA-7 starting September 24

(From left) Marky Cielo, Dennis Trillo, andAljur Abrenica are the descendants of Shaider who will maintain peace in thegalaxy. They train in order to become members of the Zaido, the highest rank of"Pulis Pangkalawakan."

Together with Japanese company Toei Animation, GMA-7 proudlypresents the first Pinoy metal hero series to be shown in its primetime blockstarting Monday, September 24. Viewers' imaginations will take flight when theywatch the galactic outer space adventure Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Based on the popular hero of the ‘80s, Zaido takesoff from the story of Shaider, a born-warrior from outer space who defeats andthwarts the universal invasion of Le-ar, king of the Kuuma and bringer ofendless suffering to all he conquers. Under the protection of the greatShaider, peace and security is restored to the galaxy.

Many years later, the special elite protectors of the entireuniverse called the Galactic Force receive information that Le-ar has returnedto power. It will now be up to Shaider's descendants, in whom his skills andbravery live on, to defeat Le-ar once and for all. Thus, begins another chapterin this story of valor, and a new generation of "Pulis Pangkalawakan" will beintroduced.

DESCENDANTS OF SHAIDER. Dennis Trillo topbills thisnew primetime blockbuster as Gallian, the first to become a Zaido, the highestrank of Pulis Pangkalawakan. Gallian lost his parents because of Le-ar's evilconquests. Subsequently, he is adopted by the Galactic Force, the special eliteguardians of the galaxy.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)last night, September 17, at the GMA-7 compound, Dennis pointed out that theoriginal Shaider series is a good part of his childhood. "Napapanood ko'yong Shaider nung maliit pa ko kaya it's really an honor to be chosen toportray it this time as a TV series."

He also expounded on the difficulties of portraying Gallian,a descendant of Shaider. "Masaya kahit na mahirap kasi very challenging 'yongrole dahil action and we have to do fight scenes. Dusa lang 'yong costume kasimainit and medyo mabigat din, pero worth it naman kasi bukod sa kailangantalaga, maganda naman ‘yong project."


Gallian transforms into the Blue Zaido, the head of the Pulis Pangkalawakan. He meets Alexis, who is portrayed by StarStruck Batch 3 Ultimate Sole Survivor Marky Cielo.

"Hindi ko talaga napanood yung Shaider nungpinapalabas pa s'ya dito dati. Pero nag-research ako sa YouTube and dun kopinanood 'yong mga episodes," narrates Marky about his preparations for hisrole.

He also describes his work experience in Zaido."Enjoy [ang Zaido] kasi action. Iba naman 'yong hirap sa pag-iyak kaysasa action. Sa drama, exhausting s'ya emotionally. Sa action naman, exhaustings'ya physically."

Alexis grows up to be a policeman because of his traumaticexperience of watching his father die right in front of his eyes. He vows toeradicate evil and in his quest for justice, he will become the Green Zaido.

Another Zaido in the making is Aljur Abrenica, who plays thecharacter of Cervano. The rich boy attracts a lot of girls because he is achampion swimmer. When Gallian locates him, Cervano transforms into the RedZaido.

Aljur declares that his role as a conceited, arrogant youngman does not reflect him in any way. "Malayo sa character ko 'yong role ko ditosa Zaido. Hindi naman po ako mayabang and hindi din po ako babaero. Mayrespeto po ako sa mga babae," stresses the StarStruck 3 Ultimate Hunk.

Like Dennis, Aljur has fond memories of watching Shaider asa young boy. "Nakapanood din ako ng Shaider dati kaya may idea naman nadin po ako. Hindi nga po ako makapaniwala nung inoffer sa ‘kin yong role kasinapapanood ko lang dati and wala akong idea na magagampanan ko s'ya."


GALACTIC FORCE. The three Zaido will engage inintensive training under the leadership of Commander Zion (Ian de Leon), headof the Galactic Force. Also joining them in the Galactic Force Academy are Lyka(Karel Marquez), Commander Zion's daughter and assistant to Gallian; and Amy(Kris Bernal), a student who catches the attention of both Alexis and Cervano.

Raymart Santiago returns to the small screen by portrayingAlvaro, Alexis's older brother who becomes an outlaw upon their father's death.Later in the story, he is mysteriously kidnapped by unidentified men. He ispaired with Diana Zubiri, who plays Carmela. She is the girlfriend of Alvarobut will eventually fall in love with Gallian.

Tirso Cruz III plays Ramiro, the father figure in the lifeof Alexis. Lovi Poe is cast as Mona, a news writer who is Alexis's childhoodfriend and is secretly in love with him.

Playing a special role in this fantaserye is LornaTolentino. As Helen, the mother of Alexis, Alvaro, and Oggy, she protects adark secret that would change the destiny of the Zaido.

The cunning and formidable villains are played by Jay Manaloas Drigo, Le-ar's field commander who leads the Kuuma in attacking the world;and Paolo Ballesteros as Ida, the grandson and adviser of Le-ar and high priestof the Kuuma. Ida is considered the most beautiful creature in the universe buthis soul is rotting underneath his flawless appearance.

Making up the feisty Amazonas are LJ Reyes (Amasonang Lila),Iwa Moto (Amasonang Itim), Melissa Avelino (Amasonang Rosas), Arci Muñoz(Amasonang Puti), and Vaness del Moral (Amasonang Kahel).


Directed by Dominic Zapata, Zaido boasts aworld-class production featuring the set designs of Rodel Cruz and the CreativeNative studio, as well as stunning visual effects of Riot Inc.

Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan will rocket its way intotelevision screens week nights starting Monday, September 24, on GMA-7'sTelebabad.

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