LJ Moreno and CJ Jaravata emerge as winners of The Amazing Race Philippines

CJ Jaravata (left) and LJ Moreno (right) are the first winners of TV5's reality adventure series The Amazing Race Philippines. They were able to beat 10 other teams as they raced in 13 cities.

LJ Moreno and CJ Jaravata have emerged as the winners of The Amazing Race Philippines. Hosted by Derek Ramsay, this reality show aired its final episode on TV5 earlier tonight, December 15.

Three teams competed in the last leg of The Amazing Race Philippines. After finishing an exciting Palawan chase, the final three teams were LJ Moreno & CJ Jaravata (team celebrity friends), Marc Dungo and Kat Tan (team gym buddies) and Fausto Reyes & Dayal Chowdary Jr (team magbayaw).

From Manila, the three teams had the same flight going to Davao, basically bringing them back on equal footing. When they reached Davao, the teams struggled to find a clue located in the famed People’s Park. This is where they had their Road Block: a memory challenge.

Tasked to recall the order and correct regions of all their 12 previous legs, Marc and Fausto struggled to arrange the names and regions in the correct order. As a result, they wasted a lot of precious time. This didn’t sit well with their partners Kat & Dayal and caused a lot of tension among the two teams.

Impressively, CJ breezed right through the roadblock only to be greeted again by yet another daunting task--walking on a tightrope while trying to avoid falling into a pond full of hungry crocodiles. Again, the last remaining all-female team used their strategy and trust in each other resulting to a fast and safe completion of the tight-rope challenge.

Lagging behind, team magbayaw, Fausto & Dayal, were the second to finish the tight-rope challenge, with hopes of catching up with the girls. Marc & Kat, however, started yet another heated blaming game as they trailed behind the two teams.

During the December 15 episode of The Amazing Race Philippines, LJ and CJ were shown to be riding a jet ski as they read their next clue. They had to retrieve a chest that was buried in the sand.

They were then instructed to go to Isla Buenavista. Upon reaching the island, they began to race towards the finish line where all the other contenders were waiting.

Derek Ramsay told the two girls, "LJ and CJ, you had an amazing leg today. You almost died like 12 times. Nalagpasan n'yo ang 13 cities. you raced hard and you raced the fastest. You are the first winner of The Amazing Race Philippines."

LJ and CJ jumped up and down and they hugged the other teams who were eliminated in the past. LJ even wiped away tears from her face as they celebrated.

As the first winners of The Amazing Race Philippines, LJ and CJ will be able to take home the P2 million cash prize. They were able to beat 10 other teams as they raced in 13 cities in seven weeks.

In a post-race interview, Derek asked the two girls what they plan to do with their money. CJ revealed that she wants to buy a kitchen for her and her husband. She also wants to treat her friends to a trip to Boracay.

Meanwhile, CJ admitted that she will save it for her daughter but she will also spend some of the money to pamper herself.






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