Richard Yap is grateful for his "real friendship" with Jodi Sta. Maria

Be Careful with my Heart stars Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria sat down with Korina Sanchez for the February 3 episode of Rated K to talk about the success of their daytime teleserye.

“When we go out, na-fi-feel mo talaga na na-aappreciate ka ng mga tao. They call us by our character names...[character ko si] Maya… sa kanya naman Sir Chief,” said Jodi with a smile.

This stroke of luck for the two actors came at a later stage in their careers, thus prompting Korina to ask how the two attracted good fortune to come into their lives.

“Yung patience din talaga, kasi naghintay ako. Kasi alam ko na kung ukol, bubukol… naniniwala ako sa ganun," said Jodi, who was known for playing supporting roles in TV and movies before landing the lead role in Be Careful with my Heart.

Likewise, lady luck smiled on Richard at a later time in his life. “I think it was just the right time. Being at the right time, then the right place and giving in to what God wants you to have,” admitted the businessman-turned-actor.

Both Jodi and Richard believe that those who want to get lucky should be able to determine what they really want to do in life then focus on attaining that dream.

“There’s always hope for everyone. For those who are striving for something, just go on and continue. And if you’re not getting results from what you’re doing now, maybe it’s time for you to choose a different field,” said Richard.

MATTERS OF THE HEART. Sir Chief and Maya have become household names in Philippine television. However, despite their onscreen chemistry, both stars are grateful that their fans understand that what they have is just that: an onscreen tandem.

“Alam naman talaga ng mga tao na what we have is on screen. Tanggap naman po nila, e. Ang gusto nila magkatuluyan is yung characters,” said Jodi.

“Kasi what we have is real friendship,” added Richard, who does not hide the fact that he is already a family man.


When asked regarding the status of their love lives, Richard shared that his wife is very supportive of his newfound career and that she never gets jealous.

“She’s very supportive. Kasi like yung time na Binondo Girl [his previous teleserye] pa, sinasabihan niya ako kapag may kissing scene na mag-ayos at mag-toothbrush ako!” revealed Richard.

Jodi, on the other hand, was mum about her rumored boyfriend Jolo Revilla. However, she confirmed the status of her heart in a few simple words: “Yes, I am happy and inspired.”





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