Eugene Domingo will co-host morning cooking show starting February 13


"GMA Network is cooking up a new and exciting season of Del Monte Kitchenomics this coming February. For starters, Del Monte Kitchenomics will be hosted by the latest kitchen duo – celebrity chef Dino Ferrari and award-winning comedy actress Eugene Domingo. The new season will air beginning February 13, every Wednesday and Saturday before Eat Bulaga and every Sunday after AHA! on GMA-7.

"Del Monte Kitchenomics has proven to be the Filipinos' trusted culinary partner throughout the years. It has been providing wonderful meal solutions to the Filipino consumers for almost three decades now. And through all these years, Del Monte Kitchenomics has evolved along with Filipino moms.

“We’re excited to let everyone know that your trusted culinary partner, Del Monte Kitchenomics, is back on TV. This year, we made our show even more appetizing for your viewing pleasure. We’ll take our viewers to different places; we really want them to enjoy our cooking adventures. And of course, this show is made especially for our modern moms. If you’re looking for recipes that your family will surely love, but at the same time easy and quick to prepare, then this is the cooking show for you,” said Susie Aquino, Senior Brand Manager of Del Monte.

"Aside from the cooking adventures, the new season of Del Monte Kitchenomics is also proud to present its new tandem in the kitchen – Chef Dino Ferrari and Eugene Domingo. “We have always chosen brand ambassadors who are passionate about food and life. Eugene Domingo is an amazing actress. She makes any show engaging and entertaining. Chef Dino Ferrari is our culinary expert. He was trained in the Philippines and in France as well. They both have a wholesome, approachable image consistent with the Del Monte Brand. We’re very happy to have them as part of the Del Monte Kitchenomics family,” said Aquino.

"For Chef Dino and Eugene, both of them are excited to be part of the well-loved cooking show on TV. “It’s awesome to be part of such a big family with tried and tested products through the times,” said Chef Dino. Meanwhile, Eugene feels privileged to become a part of Del Monte Kitchenomincs which has been every Filipino’s favorite cooking show through the years. “This is a good chance for me to learn more about how to prepare and cook my favorite dishes the easiest way. I feel so blessed and I am so excited to be a part of the Del Monte family. With me and Chef Dino as partners in the Del Monte kitchen, cooking will truly be delightful,” she said.

"Del Monte Kitchenomics is continuously cooking up exciting and innovative recipes ideas for the now more sophisticated Filipino taste. Further, the recipes are consumers-tested to make sure that they are truly delicious.

"Catch the new season of Del Monte Kitchenomics beginning February 13 every Wednesday and Saturday before Eat Bulaga and every Sunday after AHA! only on GMA-7."

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