FOX breaks own record with The Walking Dead 3’s mid-season return


"For the third straight time, FOX has broken its own viewership records with the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3, according to data from Kantar Media Philippines, a leading TV audience measurement provider in the country.

"The Walking Dead 3’s mid-season return was the highest-rated U.S. series premiere in the history of Philippine pay TV at 1.2 TVR for all cable and 0.966 for adults aged 16-49 – figures that are double those of the next closest series launch. All eyes were tuned to FOX on February 16 for the return of The Walking Dead 3 to achieve this record, making the channel the undisputed source for all things related to the Golden Globe-nominated hit show.

"To keep The Walking Dead fans psyched for the mid-season return of the show, FOX replayed episodes of the first half of Season 3 with their Rise Of The Dead specials, where viewers were also given the chance to win special prizes by sending in pictures of pop-ups on the show. The Walking Dead 3 returned after nine weeks of Rise Of The Dead and lost no steam as it reeled in scores of viewers for its premiere to break records for the third time. Previously, the record had been set by the last mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead’s Season 2 Episode 8 with FOX scoring 0.637 (Males & Females 16-49). On the launch night, FOX rated roughly six times higher than AXN and five times higher than Jack TV.

"In the U.S., The Walking Dead also broke records by gaining 12.3 million viewers, which was a figure that was previously considered impossible for a cable series. The Walking Dead’s success is sure to continue as the third season progresses with an exciting storyline concerning the fate of Rick Grimes’ band of survivors as they face off with an enemy more powerful and malevolent than the walkers they had been fighting since Season 1. Fans of the show will be glued to FOX when the explosive season finale airs on April 6.


"FOX will have more quality programming in store for its viewers with the Philippine and Asia premiere of Transporter: The Series acquiring The Walking Dead’s timeslot after Season 3 ends. Transporter: The Series is based on the action-packed blockbuster movie franchise of the same name, and FOX will be treating their viewers to broadcasts before the episodes air in the U.S."

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