"Natutulog Ba ang Diyos" to end on October 11

Jake Cuenca (left) and Roxanne Guinoo (right) werepresent during the last press conference of Natutulog Ba ang Diyos tothank the media for supporting this TV series. During the event, Jake openlydeclared his love for Roxanne.

The tension between the love triangle of Jake Cuenca,Roxanne Guinoo, and Joross Gamboa intensifies. Recently, Jake saw ex-loversJoross and Roxanne flirting with each other. Heartbroken, Roxanne's currentflame chose to walk out unnoticed. But all these just happened in an emotionalscene in the late-night drama series Sineserye presents: Natutulog Ba angDiyos. In real life, Jake and Roxanne continue to find happiness in eachother and are slated to do another TV series together, Lastikman.

Natutulog Ba ang Diyos was supposed to run for only nineweeks but management decided to extend it for 13 weeks. During the final pressconference of Natutulog Ba ang Diyos last September 28 at the ABS-CBNcompound, the stars could not help but reminisce about the good times theyshared while shooting the drama series.

"Ang lapit ng project na ito sa puso ko kasi ito ang biggestbreak ko. Naangat pa kami sa primetime," Jake tells PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal). "Yung samahan namin ang pinakama-miss ko."

While Roxanne and Jake are seated together at thepresidential table of 9501 restaurant in the ELJ building, the pretty lass saysthat Jake has been her No. 1 supporter all this time. "Vina-value niya angpagkatao ko. Ini-inspire niya ako in so many ways."

In response to her declaration, Jake reaches out for herhand and makes his own confession: "I try to guide her. I try to be a goodexample for her. I care for her so much. I love her so much. I just want to bethere for her always."

When asked to compare this series to the original movieversion, director Jerry Lopez Sineneng said that in this project, they wereable to flesh out the characters. "Sobrang nabuo ang mga characters. Sa moviekasi, limitado ang medium at dalawang oras lang siya."


Due to public demand, the mini-series was moved from anafternoon timeslot to ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida block. After months of airing,the tear-jerker nears its end. According to the stars themselves,the show has to end because Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition is aboutto begin on the Kapamilya Network.

In its last two weeks, more excitement lies ahead in theentangled lives of Mike Angeles (Matt Ranillo III), Rose Angeles (DinaBonnevie), Patria (Rosanna Roces), Bernardo (Ronnie Lazaro), Mark (Joross),Andrew (Jake), and Gillian (Roxanne).

Because of a lie, Mike and Rose will lose their beloved son.With the help of a DNA test, the couple discover that Gillian is their truechild. Andrew also finds out about his true identity, and gets mad at Mike andRose for hiding the DNA result from him. He leaves home, hoping to find comfortwith Gillian but he sees his beloved laughing and having a good time with hisbest friend and rival Mark. Disheartened, he walks away thinking that it's toolate to win her back.

Because of his desperate need, Bernardo finds himself at thecenter of a crime. Not knowing where else to find money for his wife Patria'smedication, he kidnaps Gillian hoping to get ransom from her real parents. Butcan he bear hurting the girl who loved him and his family like it was her own?Because of love, someone will sacrifice his life in this drama series.

Don't miss the last few episodes of Sineserye presents:Natutulog Ba ang Diyos weeknights after Pangarap na Bituin onABS-CBN.






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