Kristine Hermosa and Angelika dela Cruz play twins in "Prinsesa ng Banyera"

Angelika dela Cruz (left) is Mayumi while Kristine Hermosaplays Maningning in the upcoming drama series Prinsesa ng Banyera. Startingon Monday, October 8, viewers will be able to witness the difficulties offisherfolk who work hard to bring people the freshest catch of the day.

Fraternal twins might share almost the same DNA but theyhave totally different personalities. This is the case of Maningning andMayumi, two girls who live in a seaside community and grow up living in a smallprovincial pier. Kristine Hermosa plays Maningning while Angelika dela Cruz isMayumi in this afternoon drama series that will premiere on Monday, October 8.

Prinsesa ng Banyera, which has Andoy Ranay asdirector and Keiko Aquino as headwriter, showcases the story of fisherfolk whostruggle to meet their daily needs by harvesting fish from the sea. A banyera is the local term for a tub. This is the commoncontainer of fish in seaside communities where fishermen live.

Maningning is a happy, contented girl while Mayumi has bigdreams of leaving behind the muddy and smelly pier where they live. Theirpursuit of love and happiness will reunite the two but can they live togetherwithout the past haunting their relationship as siblings? Will Maningning'sgood heart be enough to change Mayumi's ambitious tendencies?


This teleserye also pairs Kristine with her Gulong ngPalad co-star TJ Trinidad. Urian Best Supporting Actor Rafael Rosell is alsopart of the cast as Charles, the rich guy who falls in love with the one of thetwins.

According to Direk Andoy Ranay, this TV series was shot inlocations such as Batangas, Navotas, and Isla Puting Bato in Tondo. When askedwhy they chose to focus on fisherfolk in this TV series, he told PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal):

"Fishermen this time kasi siguro sila yungmga least na nabibigyan pansin. In terms of agriculture, mostly farmers buthindi masyado nakikita yung mga fishermen or fisher folks kahit na part dinsila ng microcosm ng society."

PEP asked Kristine about her experience while working in aseaside pier. "[Magkaka-muscles ako dahil] ang bigat ng banyera. Tapos puno pang isda. Tapos kailangan ko pa siyang buhatin. After a while, huwag kangmagugulat kung mas malaki na muscles ko kaysa kay TJ," she jested during theSeptember 25 press conference held at the ABS-CBN compound.


"Humawak po ako ng isda. Ilang beses na po nangyari. Lagiakong humahawak ng mga isda dito. E, never pa naman akong humawak ng mga isda,"she narrated. "Buti na lang, e, friends ako doon sa mga isda. Friends kami.Hindi kami masyadong nag-away," Kristine said with a smile.

As for Angelika, she points out that her character Mayumi isa complicated role that she enjoys portraying. "Complex yung character ko kayamasarap i-portray. Yung personality niya mabait pero marami siyang ayaw sabuhay niya. Ayaw niyang maging mahirap. Ayaw niya nang mahirapan sa buhay dahilyun na yung dinadanas niya."

When asked when will she get separated from her twin, thekontrabida of Pedro Penduko says, "Maghihiwalay kami pero not by birth.Siya [Kristine] lalaki sa mahirap na lugar at ako mabubuhay sa mansion...paranghinanap ko yung suwerte ko," explains Angelika.

Prinsesa ng Banyera also stars Jaclyn Jose, AllanPaule, Shamain Buencamino, Chokoleit, Maricar de Mesa, Ping Medina, KetchupEusebio, Neil Ryan Sese, and Dino Imperial. This show will also introduce AndyGuck, Jaclyn Jose's daughter.


Prinsesa ng Banyera premieres on October 8, after Wowowee on ABS-CBN.

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