Paolo Bediones and Rufa Mae Quinto host "Whammy! Push Your Luck!"

This is the first time that Rufa Mae Quinto will take the role of a gamemaster. After almost a year after Extra Challenge ended, Paolo Bediones gets to be seen again by viewers on a daily basis.

Paolo Bediones returns to daily television with a worldwide hit game show, Whammy! Press Your Luck!. Sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto joins him for the hosting duties.

Whammy! is the updated and faster paced version of the game show Press Your Luck. Three players vie for big bucks and fabulous prizes on a giant electronic board and try to avoid the dreaded Whammy.

These lucky studio contestants will get a chance to win lots of cash and prizes in three rounds of the game. In round 1, players must vie for the most number of cash and prizes earned. Players can spin as many times as they want until the round ends or when they hit a Whammy. A Whammy can take away all your winnings.

As the players continue to play in Round 1, more Whammies are added to the Big Board. They could also freeze the round and take whatever they have into the final round. Strategy is very important in this round. Whoever finishes first in this round has an advantage in the final round since the player will be the last to play.


For the Second Round, players try to earn the most number of spins that will be used in the Final Round. In this round, players are also asked trivia questions. If a player is able to buzz in a correct answer immediately after the question, he gets to earn three spins. The other two players may answer through the multiple choices given, and if they get the answer correctly, they are given one spin. The more spins a contestant accumulates, the greater the chance to earn big bucks in the Final Round

More cash and prizes are at stake in Round 3. However, the danger is greater because Extreme Whammies are hidden on the Big Board. A double Whammy can mean your winnings are taken away and a consequence is given. Strategy becomes vital, as players can pass their spins if they feel a Whammy is lurking in the corner. And at the last spin, the player with the highest total in cash and prizes is declared the Big Winner.

Whammy! Push your Luck! is from Fremantle Media, the same group that brought us Celebrity Duets. The show begins this Monday, October 8, before 24 Oras on GMA-7.





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