Wyngard Tracy eliminated from "Celebrity Duets"

Wyngard Tracy is eliminated in the October 6episode of Celebrity Duets. Host Regine Velasquez announces that theFinals Night of the singing competition will be held on October 20.

Talent manager Wyngard Tracy sings his swan song "Used toBe" with Kuh Ledesma in the October 6 episode of Celebrity Duets.

Despite the positive feedback of the judges—Mitch Valdez,Rey Valera, and Gerard Salonga—Wyngard was voted out of the Fab Five. The remaining contestants only have a few days to prepare before they compete inthe grand finals of the singing tilt scheduled for October 20.

The Fab Five performed the upbeat song "Fame" before theyproceeded to sing their duets. Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. revealed that he lost hisvoice earlier this week because of acute laryngitis. Fortunately, he was ableto regain his voice and perform the song "Superman" by Five For Fighting. Theyoung doctor wore a red shirt saying in bold letters, "Won't Stop Trying." Hispartner was Dingdong Dantes, who also wore a red shirt.

Wyngard then performed the inspirational song "Used to Be"with Kuh Ledesma. He was followed by Jessica Rodriguez-Bunevacz who was pairedwith sexy singer Sheree. The two women were dressed in matching black dressesand leg stockings as they sang "Lady Marmalade." In the middle of theperformance, they took off their dresses to reveal their sexy corset topsunderneath.

Dr. Manny Calayan sang a romantic song with Jenine Desideriotitled "With You I'm Born Again." Completing the round was Tessa Prieto-Valdeswho tried to jump up and down in her high heels with Aia of Imago. As theirsong "Taralets" ended, confetti and pink balloons rained down from the ceiling.

In this particular round, Tessa and Wyngard were placed onthe bottom two slots. In the end, the talent manager was the one with thelowest votes, eliminating him from Celebrity Duets.

Celebrity Duets, which is hosted by Regine Velasquezand Ogie Alcasid, airs every Saturday night on GMA-7.





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