Julia Barretto becomes emotional as she talks about her mother Marjorie Barretto

Julia Barretto (right) says about her mother Marjorie Barretto (left): “She’s amazing…she sacrificed so much.”

Mother and daughter tandem Marjorie and Julia Barretto recently agreed to be interviewed for the April 13 episode of Showbiz Inside Report.

Julia is considered one of the most promising young actresses of her generation. The 16-year-old actress was recently launched as part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle 2013. Julia is Marjorie's daughter with actor Dennis Padilla.


Showbiz Inside Report host Carmina Villarroel asked Marjorie to describe how Julia was like as a child.

Marjorie recalled, “Di ko siya natatandaang iyakin…”

Carmina then brought out Julia’s baby blanket, which surprised the teenage actress.

Julia narrated: “I had this [blanket] since I was born…for 16 years. Nilalabhan 'yan secretly…Iba yung feel iba yung touch."

The host then asked Julia to talk about the significance of the phrase "face the wall” to her.

The young star admitted: “Ganoon ako pag pinapagalitan nung bata…actually wala akong natutunan sa pag face the wall...

“I’m the type of ate that I will give time sa kanila…I’m medyo strict with them [her siblings].”

One of the important values that Marjorie taught her children is to be honest and open with each other.

Carmina asked Julia about an incident wherein she heard certain “voices” when she was 12 years old.

Julia narrates, “When I heard those voices, I was so scared talaga. She [Marjorie] was going through something…She got my hand, we went to her room and she made me sit on her lap. Hinug na lang niya ako and we were both crying.”

Julia describes her mom by saying, “She’s amazing…she sacrificed so much.”

At this point, Julia became emotional.

Marjorie feels blessed to have her children and she gratefully pointed out: “Na appreciate ko ang mga anak ko. They always say ‘thank you’ kung medyo nahirapan ako…”


During the interview, Julia agreed to read an entry from her diary, which she has been maintaning ever since she was 7 years old.

She read out aloud: “Dear Diary, you know how much I love my mom. Of course, I understand her when gets mad or something. I’m so happy she is my mom. She’s kind, pretty tall and all positive and I love her...”

Marjorie revealed that she read parts of Julia’s diary that pinched her heart. During that time, Marjorie was active in politics. She recalled entries that stated: “Saddest day: mom is never home. Happiest day: mom will be with us already. No more campaigning…”

At that point, Marjorie asked herself: “Ganoon na ba ka-unhappy ang mga anak ko?" As a result, she decided to quit politics to give more time for her children.


Julia started as a child star. At age 9, she worked on several television projects such as Palos, Kokey and Walang Kapalit.

But in 2008, Julia quit showbiz upon the prodding of her mom.

Marjorie pointed out that Julia wanted to make a showbiz comeback earlier. “Matagal na niyang gustong bumalik…

"Tumulo ang mga luha niya...Julia told me, 'Mom, I’m turning 16. It might be too late…'"

This made the mother realize that Julia is all grown up. Marjorie admits, "Wala akong karapatan na pigilan iyon. That’s really her dream.”

Before the interview ended, mother and daughter gave personal messages to each other.

Julia told her mom: “Thank you for all the sacrifices. Thank you for everything. I am what I am now because of my mom.”

Marjorie affectionately told her daughter: “Kahit na sikat na sikat ka na, Julia you’ll still sit on my lap. I love you because you are every mother’s dream.”






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