GMA News and Public Affairs programs post stronger nationwide and Metro City ratings, based on partial data from Nielsen


"GMA Network, home of the country’s most awarded and most credible broadcast news organization GMA News and Public Affairs, continues to produce topnotch programs that win in nationwide ratings based on partial May data from the broadcast industry’s most recognized ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

"Based on May 1-21 ratings data (May 12-21 based on overnight data), Jessica Soho’s multi-awarded Sunday program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho posted an average household audience share of 32.0 points in National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) which covers 95% of all urban areas of the country, ahead of ABS-CBN’s Rated K’s 28.1 points and TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy’s 11.7 points, Anghel at Maligno’s 9.6 points, and PBA Comm.’s Cup Finals’ 22.8 points.

"For the same period, GMA Network’s informative and educational TV programs AHA! and Born Impact also secured NUTAM leads with AHA! scoring an average household audience share of 29.4 points, higher than ABS-CBN’s Marvel Ultimate Spiderman’s 25.6 points and Matanglawin’s 25.6 points and TV5’s Powerpuff Girls Z’s 23.7 points. On the other hand, Born Impact’s 30.8 points was higher than ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin’s 25.6 points and TV5’s Sym-Bionic Titan’s 22.0 points and Generator Rex’s 20.9 points.

"Also leading in NUTAM last May 16 (overnight data) is the launch of Arnold Clavio’s top-rating public service program Alisto!, in the late night block, which recorded an average household audience share of 35.1 points, higher than ABS-CBN’s Banana Nite which registered 30.0 points and TV5’s Ang Latest Up Late’s 5.9 audience share points.

"Other News and Public Affairs programs such as I-Witness, Reporter’s Notebook, Born To Be Wild, and Wish Ko Lang also led competition in Mega Manila which respectively account for 59 percent of the total urban television households in the entire country.

"In its bailiwick Mega Manila, GMA’s I-Witness delivered an average household audience share of 35.8 points dominating ABS-CBN’s Banana Nite’s 29.7 points and TV5’s Ang Latest Up Late’s 9.4 points last May 20 (overnight data).

"Still for the period of May 1-21 (May 12-21 based on overnight data), AHA! kept its ratings advantage with 32.7 points ahead of Marvel Ultimate Spiderman’s 17.3 points and Matanglawin’s 19.6 points and TV5’s Powerpuff Girls Z’s 24.3 points; Born Impact tallied 34.8 points ruling over ABS-CBN’s Matanglawin’s 19.6 points and TV5’s Sym-Bionic Titan’s 23.5 points and Generator Rex’s 22.1 points; Reporter’s Notebook posted 34.1 points ahead of ABS-CBN’s Banana Nite’s 29.0 points and TV5’s Ang Latest Up Late’s 8.1 points; Born To Be Wild scored 35.9 points, higher than ABS-CBN’s Banana Nite’s 30.1 points and TV5’s Ang Latest Up Late’s 8.8 points; Wish Ko Lang garnered higher rating at 32.4 points compared to ABS-CBN’s SOCO’s 21.0 points and TV5’s Sine Ko 5ingko Weekend’s 25.9 points.

"A number of GMA’s regional local news programs also performed well in Nielsen’s Metro Cities Television Audience Measurement (MCTAM) service. Based on May 1-10 official data, GMA’s local news programs remain to be the most preferred source of news and information aired over key cities nationwide.

"In Metro Dagupan, Balitang Amianan led competition with an average household audience share of 35.6 points as opposed to ABS-CBN’s Little Champ’s 22.3 points and TV5’s T3 Reload and Aksyon, lagging behind with 26.1 points and 20.1 points, respectively. Primera Balita also topped program rivals with 55.4 points against ABS-CBN’s Bagong Umaga Bagong Balita’s 16.8 points and Good Morning Club’s 16.7 points.

"In Metro Iloilo, Ratsada’s 36.0 share points edged out ABS-CBN’s Little Champ with 35.9 points and dominated TV5’s T3 Reload and Aksyon with 10.5 points and 5.4 points, respectively. Arangkada also beat program rivals as it posted 46.9 points versus ABS-CBN’s Sikat Ka! Iloilo’s 43.5 points and TV5’s Good Morning Club’s 6.6 points.

"In Metro Cebu, Balitang Bisdak posted 25.9 share points, holding a firm lead against TV5’s Aksyon Bisaya and Aksyon which posted 16.3 points and 18.4 points, respectively. Buena Mano Balita also performed well with 34.9 points, gaining headway vs TV5’s Good Morning Club’s 24.7 points.

"In Metro Davao, Testigo scored 21.4 share points leaving behind TV5’s T3 Reload with 7.3 points and Aksyon with 7.8 points while Una Ka Bai registered 28.1 points ahead of TV5’s Good Morning Club’s 11.6 points.

"GMA and TV5 subscribe to Nielsen TV Audience Measurement while ABS-CBN is the lone local major TV network that reportedly subscribes to Kantar Media, formerly known as TNS.

"In Mega Manila, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement gathers data based on a sample size of 1,190 homes as compared to Kantar Media’s 770 homes. Meanwhile, Nielsen has a nationwide sample size of 2,000 homes, which is statistically higher than Kantar’s sample size of 1,370."

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