Mariel Rodriguez reluctantly joins Jon Avila and Ethel Booba inside Kuya's House

Ethel Booba, Jon Avila, and MarielRodriguez complete the roll of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemates. Mariel would be Kuya's house guest for some time since herschedule was blocked off for the next two weeks.

Big Brother took everyone by surprise when he "declared"Mariel Rodriguez a celebrity housemate through a letter that wasread by Uber co-host Bianca Gonzalez yesterday, October 17.

No one was more shocked than the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2host herself, who thought she was just accompanying newly arrived housemate JonAvila inside the confession room. Mariel was doing her usual hosting routinefor PBB Celebrity Uber when Big Brother informed her that she would bestaying inside his house for a while. This was totally unexpected, and probablyscary for her, especially since she has always been outspoken about her greatestfear—being locked up inside the house as a housemate.

Apparently, this twist had been planned out well by Big Brother, with thehost's manager, Boy Abunda, in the know. A pre-taped VTR of his message wasshown to Mariel and the housemates, telling her not to blame Kuya but himself. Boy said he believed she would be a better person when her time inside the BigBrother house was up.

Mariel told the housemates that there had been hints and signs that she wouldbe tricked into something like this—her schedule was blocked off for the next twoweeks—but she didn't really give it serious thought. On the part of BigBrother, this was the only way he could get Mariel. He had been trying to convinceher since PBB Celebrity Season 1 but she was always adamant in remaining outside the house's confines.

Now that Mariel is not just the "Kapitbahay ni Kuya" but a certifiedhousemate, would there be some connivance between her and Big Brother,like a special personal task of snooping around the housemates?

Joining Mariel and the other housemates are Jon Avila, who entered the houseduring Uber Live, wearing only board shorts that displayed his killerabs, and Ethel Booba, who gave the housemates a show during Primetime live. Thethree complete the roster of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemates.

THE ULTIMATE PASAWAY. After endless speculation on whether EthelBooba would be "in" or "out," the controversial sexy comedienneis now officially a celebrity housemate.


Taggedby Big Brother as "The Ultimate Pasaway," Ethel recently made newsagain after she backed out from PBB Celebrity Edition 2. She reasoned out that she could not bear to leave her boyfriend JanvierDaily, who reportedly was against her entering Kuya's House.

A dayafter the PBB Celebrity kick-off, however, her manager Chino Sarenasannounced that Ethel expressed renewed interest in joining Kuya'shousemates. Chino also expressed hope that PBB wouldgive his talent a second chance. Kuya just stayed mum on whether or not to reconsider. It turned out that Kuya not only did that, heprobably took it as an opportunity to teach the "pasaway" a lesson ortwo.

THEENGLISH OUTCAST. Another interesting addition is Jon Avila (a.k.a. JonMullaly), the Bench Body billboard hunk, who made his red- carpet entranceduring PBB Celebrity Uber yesterday, hours before Ethel showed up duringthe primetime edition.

Behindthose well-toned abs and Fil-Irish looks, however, is a sympathetic soul whohas been through a lot. Called the "The English Outcast" by BigBrother, Jon claims to have suffered bullying and discrimination while growingup in the United Kingdom because of his Asian origin. The Fil-Irish model is a bit vulnerableright now because his family is in the U.K. He's only just starting to settle here. Falling inlove with any of his fellow housemates is not farfetched.


Thestory of his life will unfold, like everyone else's, every night on PinoyBig Brother Celebrity 2 Primetime Edition at 10:30 p.m. and PBB Celebrity 2 Uberat 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.





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