ABC-5's "Shall We Dance" features former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemates

Uma Khouny will show off his dancing skills withpartner Victoria Huyatid in the October 21 episode of Shall We Dance: TheCelebrity Dance Challenge. He will compete with Chx Alcala and Mikee Leefor a slot in the finals of ABC-5's dance competition.

Threeformer Pinoy Big Brother housemates will take on another challenge, this time on the dance floor, as they put on their dancing shoes and prove whoamong them deserve to be the next dance champion. Chx Alcala, Uma Khouny, andMikee Lee will show off their dancing skills in the October 21 episode of ShallWe Dance: The Celebrity Dance Challenge on ABC-5 (Sunday at 9 pm).

Chx,Uma, and Mikee are ready to face each other with the help of their respectiveprofessional dance partners for the ballroom battle royale. Chx and partnerJunior Gotengco will dance cha-cha, as well as Uma and partner Victoria Huyatid.Meanwhile, Mikee and partner Raine Trinidad will give jive a try. Chx and Umawere part of PBB Season 1 and Mikee was part of the Teen Edition.

Whoamong the three pairs will impress the three SWD resident judges LatinBlackpool champion Edna Ledesma, theater director Audie Gemora, and dancerRegine Tolentino? There's only one way to find out. But one thing's for sure,the judges are looking for someone who will take the dance routines seriouslywithout stripping off his/her own personality.


Whoeverwins this Sunday will automatically be in the finals, where Paolo Ballesteros isalready waiting for his opponent. Last Sunday, October 14, Paolo and his partnerDonna Bidua defeated Kat Alano who was paired with Jun Edradan Jr. The otherpair was composed of Bentong and partner Leah Ybalane. Paolo got nothing butpraises from the judges who were overwhelmed by their swing routine. Kat Alano,who placed second, also wowed the judges after performing the dance salsa.

NextSunday, October 28, will be the text-voting episode. Viewers willhave the chance to root for their favorite contestant to win in the finals. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the score will come from text votes while the remaining seventy-five percent (75%) will come from the judges). Fans have at least one week to vote prior to the finals on November 4. Also nextSunday, the judges will announce their chosen wildcard pair who will be thethird pair to compete in the finals along with Paolo and the winner on Sunday.


ShallWe Dance, hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez with co-hosts Dominic Ochoa and Arnell Ignacio,airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. before Fear Factor on ABC-5.

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