Raymart Santiago and Roxanne Guinoo-starrer, Home Sweet Home, will air final episode on July 19


"This Friday (July 19), the adventures of the Caharian Family headed by celebrity dad Raymart Santiago wrap up with an exciting finale in GMA’s family drama Home Sweet Home.

"This program has become part of the Filipinos viewing habit which actively promotes traditional values and practices parents and their kids can relate to.

"As the series concludes its three-month journey, will Benjie (Jake Vargas) find out that Lucy (Bea Binene) is the ugly “kubanegra” and free her from the curse? What will happen to Wendy (Rochelle Pangilinan) since the father of her child is the fake Reden?

"Meanwhile, Reden (Raymart) will find out that Pandora (Celia Rodriguez) is his grandmother. The “Big Boss” of the old house will free Pandora from the curse but needs someone to replace her inside the old house. And the “Big Boss” wants Dulce (Roxanne Guinoo) to replace Pandora. Will Reden be able to rescue and save Dulce and his family before it’s too late? Will the Caharian family be complete again?

"Under the direction of Gil Tejada, Jr., the finale episode of Home Sweet Home airs this Friday, July 19, right before 24 Oras on GMA-7."

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