Talentadong Pinoy will not be renewed for another season; grand finals showdown to take place this Sunday

Ryan Agoncillo (middle, wearing checkered) on dancing with the Manouvers: “Parang dun ako pupunta, I wanna test how it really feels to dance with the Manouvers. And pinagbigyan naman nila ako, hindi naman nila kinahiya na dati nila akong ‘wanna be.’ So this time around, I’ve been rehearsing for the past month, three times a week. Hopefully magustuhan niyo on Sunday.”

Seven finalists will battle for the chance to win the Talentadong Pinoy 4th Ultimate Talentado title this Sunday, August 18, at the Cuneta Astrodome.

Davaoena lass Sor Apao, Laserman JB dela Cruz, Contortionist Larvae, Jazz singer Rina Forbes, Talentadong Pinoy Middle East winner Haina Udin, fusion dance group Nocturnal dance Company, and Chinese Yo-yo trick master Spyro Marco are all vying to be the grand winner of Talentado Pinoy Worldwide.

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The finalists showcased their talents during the press conference held yesterday, August 12, at TV5 Studio in Broadway Centrum, Quezon City.

Talentadong Pinoy host Ryan Agoncillo reminded the contestants to show their best because only one will be hailed as the Ultimate Taletado.

Ryan said, “You know, it breaks our heart ever week that we have to choose one winner because marami sa kanila, kagaya ni Marco at saka ni Nocturnal Dance Company, and I think a couple of others no, mananalo for a couple of weeks and then matatalo at some point.


“It’s just the nature of the game.

“As much as we want to have a tie ever time, talagang isa lang ang ultimate, e.”

However, Ryan encouraged finalists who won’t be able to take home the title that there are so much more opportunities that will come their way after the competition.

The TV-host actor said, “As history hast shown, yung mga nalalaglag sa championship, hindi yun yung emd of career nila.

“A good example will be the Tribal Dancers.

“They were big favorite to win the first championship but eventually they lost to the Yoyo Tricker.

“But it didn’t mean the end for them.

“As a matter of fact, I remember seeing them on Eat Bulaga guesting with us last year.

“And hindi lang sila doon nakikita, hindi lang sa Channel 5, sa Channel 7 even sa Channel 2.

“Even the corporate mix wants to do that.

“So, guys, the nature of the game is only one will be the champion but huwag kayo mawalan ng pag-asa because after that night you will all be ‘Ultimate Talentados.’”


Aside from the contestants’ explosive performances, Ryan will also give his fair share of entertainment for viewers. For the grand finale, Ryan will perform a full-length dance routine with the Manouvers.

The Talentadong Pinoy host shared, “Well, for the longest time kasi sa mga programang na-host ko and one of the programs that I hosted was Keep On Dancing on Channel 2, sinubukan nila akong pasayawin.

“And it’s only in Eat Bulaga, I don’t really dance but part of my history na hindi talaga makalimutan nitong manager ko na si Noel [Ferrer], lagi niyang binabanggit.

“I was supposed to be part of the Manouvers when I was a teenager.

“So, tuwing birthday ko sinusupresa nila ako.

“And this time around, I felt it was time to finally fulfill a dream.

“Kumbaga I was practicing last week, dumating yung boss namin si Perci [Intalan] and then he was barking on it could have been my alternate future.


“Parang dun ako pupunta, I wanna test how it really feels to dance with the Manouvers.

“And pinagbigyan naman nila ako, hindi naman nila kinahiya na dati nila akong ‘wanna be.’

“So this time around, I’ve been rehearsing for the past month, three times a week.

“Hopefully magustuhan niyo on Sunday.”

END OF A JOURNEY. Talentadong Pinoy host Ryan Agoncillo confirmed that their show will not be renewed for another season. TV5 executive Perci Intalan was also present at the press conference to further explain the reasons behind the cancellation of the longest-running talent search of the Kapatid Network.

Perci explained, “Decisions are made [and] maraming mga factors.

“At siyempre, I’m in a painful situation honestly because this is a show na iniluwal namin together and this is very close to my heart.

“Well, I’m also part of the programming committee so I know also the reasons why.”


Nevertheless, two shows will be aired on TV5 by September to replace the time slot that the talent search will leave open.

“Shows really do start and end.

“And you know, ang sabi ko nga even kami sa TV5, we’ve seen it happen with other shows na, you know, natapos pero babalik.

“May dalawang shows na babalik, yung Wow Mali and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”

Perci admitted that he is sad about the cancellation of their show but he is still optimistic that such shows which showcase real Filipino talent will be rebooted again.

The TV5 executive said, “We are optimistic pa rin.

“Of course there is sadness, there’s a lot of siyempre, bittersweet thoughts na ito na yun.

“Na after five years, and interestingly almost to the day kasi August 16 nag-start ang Talentadong Pinoy five years ago, e, magba-bow na muna yung show.

“I want to say na ‘muna.’ I hope there’s a chance for the show to come back whether kasama kami or hindi kasama, whether it’s a new team that’s doing it.


“I think the idea of Talentadong Pinoy still holds true which is in the ordinary, there is extraordinary talent.

“Yun yung, I guess, ipinaglaban namin from the start of the show at yun yung dahilan kung bakit naging successful siya.

“It’s not really, not just because of the hardworking staff, our very very talented host.

“It’s definitely because of the people [contestants] here beside me, and the people who have come before them na nabuo yung show at talagang binigay nilang lahat at ipinakita nila ang kakayanan ng mga Pilipino.

“So sana may pagkakataon pa na maipakita nila yun in the coming months, in the coming years, we don’t know.

“But a good idea like this is something like this, I think, is something that can be brought back again and again.”


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