"Shall We Dance" grand finals airs on ABC-5 this Sunday, November 4

(L-R) Shall We Dance celebrity finalists Uma Khouny, Paolo Ballesteros, and wildcard finalist Mikee Lee will compete during the grand finals of this dance competition scheduled to air this Sunday, November 4, on ABC-5.

It's going to be a primed, loaded finals night in Shall We Dance: The Celebrity Dance Challenge this Sunday, November 4, on ABC-5.

It's all-out war among three male celebrity finalists Paolo Ballesteros, Uma Khouny, and wildcard finalist Mikee Lee as they try to outshine each other to become the next ballroom champion in this reality celebrity dance competition.

The finalists with their respective professional dance instructors will perform two routines each—the dance of their choice and the Paso Doble face-off. Paolo and partner Donna Bidua have chosen cha-cha for their first dance. Uma and partner Victoria Huyatid will give samba a try, while wildcard pair Mikee and Raine Trinidad will dance the salsa.

Renowned choreographer Douglas Nierras will serve as a guest judge this Sunday on behalf of Edna Ledesma who is currently in Singapore for a competition. Regine Tolentino and Audie Gemora will still be there to make up the 75% of the score coming from the judges. The remaining 25%, however, will not come from the text-votes. Instead, SWD randomly selected10 former celebrity contestants, including Angelu de Leon, Michael de Mesa, William Martinez, Joshua Zamora, Shirley Fuentes, Mia of the Sexbomb Dancers, and Tuesday Vargas to grade the finalists.

Will Paolo be able to get another rave review from the judges, just like the first time, or will Uma's Arabian-inspired samba be his ticket to the championship? But let's not forget Mikee, who can give these two celebrities a run for their money.

Meanwhile, be sure you don't miss a note in the next episode of Shall We Dance hosted by dance goddess Lucy Torres-Gomez. Three sultry singers will become dancers as they compete for a slot in the finals. Who are they? Find out in ABC-5's Shall We Dance: The Celebrity Dance Challenge, which airs Sunday night at 9 pm.






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