Angel Locsin not mad at Robin Padilla for leaving Toda Max; welcomes Ai-Ai delas Alas as new addition to sitcom

Toda Max actress Angel Locsin embraces the presence of “Queen of Comedy” Ai-Ai delas Alas in the almost two-year-old sitcom. Angel says about the Tanging Ina star: “Napaka-totoo ni Ms. Ai-Ai. Pag kausap mo siya, kung papa’no mo siya nakikita sa TV, ganun siya, e. Napaka… paano ba masasabi ito? Siya si Tanging Ina, di ba? Hawak niya yung box office nang ilang taon, di ba? Tap

Angel Locsin, who plays tough cookie Isabel Padausdos in Toda Max, is quick to admit that the exit of two cast members and the entrance of a new one have somehow changed the dynamics of the show.

Considering that the show is a comedy, repartees between co-actors are crucial.

“Ang plastic ko naman kung sasabihin namin na, ‘Ay, perfect!’

“Siyempre, pag may bagong papasok saka pag may mawawala, mangangapa ka talaga kasi sanay na kayo sa batuhan,” pointed out Angel.

Recently, Toda Max lead actor Robin Padilla (who played Bart) decided to leave the show to focus on his movie projects. Binoy (Robin's nickname) is slated to star in the Metro Manila Film Fest entry 10,000 Hours.

Meanwhile, Pokwang (who portrayed “Lady G”) had to give up Toda Max for a soap opera.

Replacing the action star is “Queen of Comedy” Ai-Ai delas Alas, who previously guest-starred in the sitcom. The Tanging Ina star’s permanent stay in Toda Max was officially announced last Tuesday, September 17.

The addition of Ai-Ai to the set has been “fun” so far, told Angel in an interview with the press.

“Saya! Kasi napaka-totoo ni Ms. Ai-Ai pag kausap mo siya kung papa’no mo siya nakikita sa TV, ganun siya, e.

“Napaka… paano ba masasabi ito? Siya si Tanging Ina, di ba?

“Hawak niya yung box office nang ilang taon, di ba?

“Tapos walang ka-ere-ere, nakikipagtambayan lang sa amin, nakikipagtawanan, nakikipaghiritan, nakikipagkulitan sa amin.”

Angel relayed that it is Ai-Ai’s humility that amazes her.

On the one hand, the addition of the award-winning comedienne to the show made Angel anxious. The In The Name of Love star shared that the moment prior to her first taping with Ai-Ai got her jittery.

“Ni-nerbyos talaga ako!”

Angel revealed that she confided to Toda Max director Malu Sevilla, who in turn assured her that it was going to be okay.


“Direk, nate-tense ako! Paano kung humirit ako tapos waley, tapos masira yung timing ni Ms. Ai-Ai?” Angel recalled telling Direk Malu.

As it turned out, the scene went well. In a separate interview with Ai-Ai, the comedienne said that in fact, she was the one who committed a mistake.

NO HARD FEELINGS. Angel clarified that Robin and Pokwang’s decision to leave Toda Max was no reason for her or Vhong Navarro to hold a grudge against their former co-actors.

The actress made it clear that Robin and Pokwang’s decision was respected and understood by the cast and the production.

Angel even pointed out, in defense of Pokwang, “Pero siyempre, di ba, kung iko-compare mo naman yung Toda Max [sa soap opera], andun yung experience, yung exposure.

“And yung suweldo sa teleserye, mas bongga nga naman, saka yung growth mo bilang artista.”

She added that it wasn’t Pokwang sole decision but the management’s call.

“Ang management po ang nag-request talaga kasi kailangan siya do’n sa teleserye.”

The actress reiterated, “Wala namang issue sa set. Walang awayan. May mga priotities lang kasi siguro bilang sa career natin, may mga choices tayo na siguro ito muna dapat gawin ko.

“Nire-respeto naman namin lahat kasi wala namang issue talaga. Mahal [din] namin si Kuya Binoy.”





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