PBB Celebrity Edition 2 extended until 2008; Gladys Guevarra becomes a housemate

Gaby dela Merced (in photo) is ushered into theBig Brother house while inside a heavily tinted car. The Racing Goddess wastaken straight from the airport to the Big Brother house.

It's official: Pinoy BigBrother Celebrity Edition 2 is extended for two weeks and will run untilJanuary 5, 2008. The celebrity housemates were shocked to learn about this newdevelopment and were given the chance to leave Big Brother's house if they didnot feel up to the challenge.

Even celebrity houseguest MarielRodriguez, who was supposed to leave the PBB house last Saturday, November 24,opted to stay inside the closely monitored house. This means that the Big Four,whoever they will be, would not be able to spend Christmasand New Year with their family and loved ones.

Big Brother sweetened the dealby doubling the prizes for the Big Four so the Big Winner of PBBCE 2 stands towin P2 million cash and a condo unit among others. At stake for the second bigplacer is P1 million; for the third big placer, P600,000; and for the fourth bigplacer, P400,000.

For a few minutes, Big Brotheropened the gates to the outside world for any housemate who would opt to walkaway from this opportunity. A lot of them shed tears at the prospect of notspending Christmas and New Year's Eve with their loved ones but all the tenantsof the PBB house declared that they would stay and fight until the end.

GABY DELA MERCED IS BACK. The RacingGoddess is back inside the Big Brother house to replace the two housemates,Mcoy Fundales and Ethel Booba, who exited voluntarily next week.

While the other celebrityhousemates were at a shooting range learning how to fire a.45-calibergun, Baron Geisler and Yayo Aguila were tasked to clean the whole house, cookthe housemates' dinner and finally wash a heavily tinted car at the activityarea. As they were cleaning the car, they got a pleasant surprise when Gaby DelaMerced emerged from the vehicle.


Gaby was allowed to leave two weeks ago to attend an internationalrace car drivers' seminar in Arizona. She had just stepped out of theplane in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when the PBBCE2 staff"ambushed" her and asked her if she would be willing to go back inside the PBBhouse. The Racing Goddess readily agreed to this set-up and even told thehousemates, "I got kidnapped!"

In other news, comedienne-singer Gladys Guevarra was ushered into the PBB houseearlier this afternoon, November 28, via the afternoon show Uber. The Kapuso star who just came from NewJersey, returned to the Philippines without her Fil-Am boyfriend PhilipPeredo. Inside the PBB house, Gladys was tasked to be the judge in the karaoke session of the housemates.

NEW HOUSEGUESTS. Angel Locsin had a brief stay inside thePBB house when she entered the PBB house last Sunday, November 25. The malehousemates were playing a game of paintball when suddenly, someone dressed infull battle gear dropped down from the ceiling and started firing at the guys.

Eventually, Angel Locsin removed her helmet and revealed herself. She apologized profusely to the housemates for sniping them. Big Brother dubbed his houseguest as the"Angel of Love" because of her special task. Angel has 24 hours to convincecelebrity housemate Ruben Gonzaga to propose marriage to his partner Giselle onnational television. They have been together for the past three years but theyare not yet married.

Aside from Angel, anothercelebrity is scheduled to visit the PBB celebrity housemates this week. PBBhost Toni Gonzaga gave the hint that he is an international R&B artist. BigBrother has been playing his songs almost non-stop for the housemates to hearso they already have a hint who could it be. He is no other than the internationalhip-hop and R&B artist Akon who is scheduled to hold his concert at theAraneta Coliseum tomorrow night, November 29.


Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 airs every night onABS-CBN's Primetime Bida after Lastikman while PBBCE 2 Uber isshown at 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.





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