Jordan Herrera and Joem Bascon battle for the last finals slot in "Pinoy Mano-Mano"

Jordan Herrera (left) and Joem Bascon (right) will face each other on the December 1 episode of Pinoy Mano*Mano: Celebrity Boxing Challenge to determine who will move on the final match of the reality boxing competition.

After a mind-blowing face off between Michael Roy Jornales and Rico Robles last Saturday, November 24, the boxing arena opens its door to the next pair of celebrity fighters who will compete for the last slot in the final round of country's widely received boxing reality show on television. Who among Jordan Herrera and Joem Bascon will battle with finalist Rico? Watch Pinoy Mano Mano:Celebrity Boxing Challenge on Saturday, December 1 on ABS-CBN.

Despite getting knocked down by his opponent during the practice fight, former Powerboys member Jordan was able to defend his honor during the show's buena mano fight against TJ Trinidad. After being the first celebrity boxer to enter the semi-final round, Jordan makes sure that he is ready for his next fight. "Walang pahi-pahinga, balik ensayo na ako." he said. Will his early start give him the upper hand when he comes face to face with his new opponent Joem?

Meanwhile, the youngest of the celebrity fighters, Joem Bascon gets the last slot in the season's semifinals. As a showbiz personality with the potential to become a heartthrob, fans felt that it was too risky for Joem to put his pretty face on the line. But Joem was determined to show his competitive side, and he was successful in doing so, after beating former "Gwapings" member Eric Fructuoso, where the former won by retirement. "Finally, nakita na rin nila ang agresibong Joem, at lalo pa nilang makikita ang kakayanan ko sa susunod kong laban," he promised.

The Herrera-Bascon match is expected to be exciting since both contenders exude a quiet and mysterious persona, especially when it comes to their game plan. Expect some powerful punches to be thrown inside the ring tonight, December 1. And for the last fight in the semi-final bout, Pinoy Mano*Mano brings another heartstopping match between Michael Flores and Justin de Leon for the undercard.

It's the last match for the semi-final bout. Who among the tough celebrity fighters Jordan and Joem will face Rico Robles in the finals? Whose face will break and whose fist will be raised? But more importantly, who will get the chance to claim the title Pinoy Mano*Mano Grand Champion?


Pinoy Mano Mano:Celebrity Boxing Challenge airs every Saturday after XXX, with replays every Sunday morning, after Princess Hours on ABS-CBN.





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