Kris Aquino praises James Yap's girlfriend for taking care of Bimby

Bimby, the son of Kris Aquino and James Yap, is photographed with James's girlfriend Michela Cazzola during an exhibition match.

Kris Aquino appreciates all the efforts of Michela Cazzola, the Italian girlfriend of her ex-husband James Yap.
The TV host-actress gives an "A" rating to Michela for all her efforts to take care of Bimby, Kris's son with James.
During the May 8 episode of Kris TV, the ABS-CBN star revealed that Michela gave Bimby a birthday gift and cake.
"In fairness to her, naghanda siya. Cute ng mga gifts niya for Bimb. I like her na," said Kris with a smile.

"I like her. At least she's good to my son.

"A for effort. The fact that she has gifts for you, I like her. And alam niya kung ano ang mga gusto ni Bimb. Alam niya na Bimb likes yung softdrink na starts with letter S and blue yung favorite color niya."
Kris observes that Bimby is enjoying his bonding time with his dad and Michela.
"Nahihiya si Bimb magkwento. [I asked] 'Did you have fun?' He said, 'Yeah. Are you mad?' I said, 'No, of course not!' So baka iniisip niya na ma-hurt ako kung nag-enjoy siya," she pointed out.
Kris explained to her son, "'I was working, honey, and I want you to get closer to him.'"
In response, Bimby told Kris, "'I'm not yet close to him, mama. Later on, it will take time.'"
Last month, Kris invited Michela to join Bimby's seventh birthday celebration. However, Michela didn't go because she didn't want to intrude on the family bonding time.
In a previous episode of Kris TV, the TV host-actress revealed that Michela passed up on the chance to attend the family event.
"Hindi daw pupunta si Michela, nag-text [si James]. Here's the text, 'I truly appreciate your invitation. I do not want to intrude in this special occasion but I'm looking forward to other chances to celebrate. Wishing the birthday boy a wonderful party.'"


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