How Piolo Pascual's Hawak Kamay fared in ratings game

(From left, clockwise) Xyriel Manabat, Piolo Pascual, Zaijan Jaranilla, and Yesha Camile star in ABS-CBN's new family drama Hawak Kamay.

Piolo Pascual returns to the primetime block to portray a depressed drunkard in Hawak Kamay.

This ABS-CBN family drama replaces the Dyesebel remake topbilled by Anne Curtis, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby.

The pilot episode aired last Monday night, July 21, began with a funeral.

A young Gin (played by Jairus Aquino) is shown mourning. He learns that his father (played by Jason Abalos) already has a new family.

Eventually, Gin's mother dies and his older sister urges him to join them in the United States.

The young Gin refuses the offer and opts to go to Manila to pursue his dream of becoming a successful musician.

Piolo then makes his appearance as the adult Gin who shares his thoughts as he tearfully looks at the grave of his mother:

"Bakit may mga tatay na nangiiwan ng mga anak? Bakit may mga batang iniiwan ng mga magulang?

"Madaling maging tatay ngunit mahirap magpaka-tatay.

"Ang tunay na tatay iniuuna ang mga anak kaysa sa sarili. Itataya ang buhay para sa anak. Kahit kailan, hinding-hindi mang-iiwan."

The succeeding scenes then show Piolo's character performing with his guitar in front of Quiapo Church.

Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla) is shown to be a kid from an orphanage who attempts to escape from his ward when their bus breaks down in Quiapo.

He is accused of grabbing the wallet of Gin that contains his earnings from his gig. Gin chases after him, believing Emong is the pickpocket, but the culprit is actually another boy wearing a similar yellow shirt.

Gin then concludes that he doesn't want to have kids yet even though he is in a relationship with Meann (Nikki Gil).

Back in the orphanage, Emong is shown to be close to Dara (Xyriel Manabat) and Ningning (played by newbie Yesha Camile who was under the mentorship of Piolo during her stint in the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp).

As the story continues, it will be shown that Gin is left by his girlfriend for a job on a ship.

He is forced to become responsible when his sister and her husband die in a car crash, leaving their three adopted kids without parents.

Gin then becomes the guardian of the three orphans: Emong (Zaijan), Dara (Xyriel), and Ningning (Yesha).

Tough attorney Bianca (Iza Calzado) and her sister Lorrie (Andrea Brillantes) witness how the reluctant and unprepared Gin ends up as a potential father figure to these three kids.

MEGA MANILA RATINGS. According to overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen among Mega Manila households, the pilot episode of Hawak Kamay registered a rating of 18.1%.

Its counterpart on GMA-7, Niño, was able to get a higher rating of 22.2%.

In the primetime block last Monday, July 21, Hawak Kamay emerged as the sixth most-watched program.

The top five most-watched primetime shows that day were: 1) My Destiny (23.6%); Niño (22.2%); 24 Oras (20.6%); Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real (19.5%); and Ikaw Lamang (19%).

At press time, the national TV ratings data from Kantar Media among urban and rural homes have not yet been released.

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