Richard Gomez explains why he chose TV5 project over GMA-7

Richard Gomez on his non-exclusive contract with any TV network: “It’s actually a choice. Basta hindi lang magkakaroon ng conflict [sa ibang networks],” says the actor-TV host during a pocket presscon for Quiet Please! The new game show will air its pilot episode on August 10.

Richard Gomez is no stranger to hosting game shows.

“I enjoy game shows. Medyo metikuloso ako pagdating sa game shows,” said Richard who’s making a comeback on TV5 via the game show, Quiet Please! Bawal Ang Maingay!

Starting on August 10, Quiet Please! is a one-of-a-kind game show where contestants must accomplish a series of challenges without sounding off the giant noise meter within a specific time period.

Two competing teams composed of three contestants each will take on the challenge and can win as much as P300,000 to P400,000 if they’re able to reach the third and final round.

Sounds easy? Richard would tell you otherwise.

“Ang hirap! Hindi lahat nagagawa ko. Kasi may time pressure.

“Katulad kanina, may Tupperware na puno ng kutsara at tinidor, tapos yung tasa nasa ilalim [ng utensils].

“Ang challenge: tatanggalin mo yung tasa sa ilalim ng kutsara at tinidor [as silently as possible].


“Siguro magagawa mo isa o dalawa. E, tatlong beses? Tapos 45 seconds lang. Kailangan mabilis.

“Medyo mahirap. May nerbiyos factor pa,” said Richard. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and several reporters caught up with the dashing actor-TV host at a pocket presscon on TV5’s headquarters in Mandaluyong City earlier today, July 25.

When they taped the first episode of Quiet Please!, some of the celebrity contestants that were invited happened to be Richard’s friends—Antonio Aquitania, Luke Jickain, and Jomari Yllana.

Future episodes will feature celebrity contestants such as Derek Ramsay, Alice Dixson, and Joey Marquez.

Richard’s last project on TV5 was the now-defunct game show, The Biggest Game Show In The World-Asia back in 2012.

NON-EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT. Richard, who was previously part of ABS-CBN’s primetime soap, Walang Hanggan, explained that he doesn’t have any exclusive contract with the three major networks in the country.

“Yes, per project [ang contract ko]. Mahirap ang exclusive [contract].


“It’s actually a choice. Basta hindi lang magkakaroon ng conflict [sa ibang networks],” stated the 48-year-old actor-TV host.

Richard added that he was offered to do another game show on GMA Network around the same time TV5 asked him to host Quiet Please!

“Sabay sila nag-present. TV5 saka GMA-7. Nauna ito [Quiet Please!].

“Maganda rin [yung sa GMA] kaya lang ang tagal nilang nakipag-deal sa franchise.

“Kasi ang dapat mangyayari gagawin muna ito, tapos ipapalabas yung sa GMA. Hindi na tuloy," stated Richard, who also hosted the Kapuso Network's game show, Family Feud, from 2008 to 2009.


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