Raymond Gutierrez promises on Gutz: "Kung si Richard may pasabog last season, ako naman ang may pasabog this season."

The Gutierrez family is back with a bigger, better and bolder Season 2 of their hit reality TV show, It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.

The 10-episode season of this reality family drama on E! delves further into the lives of Ruffa, Raymond, Richard, Annabelle, Eddie and with their extended brood—Richard’s partner Sarah Lahbati and their son Zion, and Elvis and Alexa, who are expecting their first child this month.

The first season of Gutz opened with Richard's confirmation about his firstborn son with Sarah Lahbati. The public was able to get the first glimpse of their son named Zion.

In connection with this, the Gutierrez matriarch, Annabelle, was asked if there will another big revelation on the second season of their reality show. It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on October 5 and will air every Sunday at 9 PM on E!

“Naiiba ngayong second season,” the feisty Annabelle told entertainment reporters who attended the press conference of Gutz at R Space Events in Bel-Air Village, Makati City on Monday, September 15.

She continued, “Hindi naman kailangang mayroon kang i-reveal or mayroon kang pasabog.

“Ang importante ‘yong aming show, kada episode, may nangyayari, na kaabang-abang talaga sa mga taong manonood.

“I’m sure, lahat ng mga manonood sa amin ngayong second season aabangan nila kasi mas maganda talaga ngayon kaysa first season.

“Actually, nagpapasalamat nga kami na ang aming first season ay nag-rate, naging successful. Itong second, mas pa I’m sure.

“Mahirap lang i-reveal lahat pero kaabang-abang din.”

During the Q&A, a video teaser was shown to the reporers where Annabelle was being teased by her husband Eddie for having an old cellphone and incomprehensible handwriting.

The celebrity mother and talent manager said viewers will see more candid moments like these in the new season of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.


“Okay naman ako, sanay na ako sa ganun, hindi na ako nahihiya.

“Ako naman, open naman ang life ko sa public. I don’t hide anything.

“So, lahat ng kung sino si Annabelle Rama, mapapanood nila sa aming reality show,” she smiled.”

Meanwhile, NBC Universal Vice-President for Channels in Asia Pacific, Scott Mackenzie, believes the show became popular because of the relationships between the members of the Gutierrez family.

“It’s human drama, it’s family drama,” Scott said.

“Looking at the relationship between the people here, I think that’s the secret to the success of the show, not only in the Philippines but also in the other market even if they don’t know them.

“It’s that human relationship, that family storyline, that’s what’s relatable and that’s why it works.”

The second season of Gutz will be directed by Australian director, Karen Appathurai Wiggins, who is known for her amazing work in various international franchises of reality TV shows.

For Gutz, Wiggins promises to deliver more with challenging the family members to talk about their most pressing issues.

In a press statement, she said, “Everyone wants to know if Richard is ready to take the next step with Sarah; and with Ruffa, she is a survivor who remains so optimistic about finding love.

“Raymond is a successful entrepreneur, happily single yet what will we learn about his relationships?

“We hope to answer these questions plus we cannot wait to share with you new revelations and other surprises the whole family has prepared for Season 2.”

In fact, during the presscon, Raymond teased the press by saying: "Kung si Richard may pasabog last season, ako naman ang may pasabog this season."

Watch the members of Gutierrez family as they reveal more drama, more family secrets, and prove why it still Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.






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