PBB celebrity housemate Ruben Gonzaga overwhelmed at his wedding

On December 29, Ruben Gonzaga married his longtime partner Jeselle with whom he has two sons. The remaining celebrity housemates chose the comedian from Davao as the most likely winner of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Even though it wasn't wedding bells that greeted Ruben Gonzaga a good morning, wedding songs were playing in the background as the housemates woke up last December 29, 2007. "This is the day...," was all Ruben kept on saying. Big Brother then told Ruben to go to the secret room for him to prepare for his big day.

The other housemates were called to the confession room and it turned out that they would be taking part in the entourage. Will Devaughn was the Best Man and Ethel Booba, the bride's Maid of Honor. During the wedding ceremony later, Riza Santos sang "From This Moment On"and "Habang May Buhay" for the couple.

The wedding took place at the Mt. Carmel parish church in Project 6, Quezon City. Ruben couldn't hold back his tears when he saw his two sons, his parents, and his longtime partner, Jeselle, walk down the aisle. The ceremonies were solemn and simple but once in a while, the Davao comedian cracked a few jokes to keep the mood light and jovial.

For his wedding vow, Ruben told his beautiful bride: "Jeselle, pinapangako ko, ikaw lang ang babaeng mamahalin ko habang buhay at alam mo yun. Sa araw na ito, ginagawa kong saksi ang buong mundo ang pangako ko na hindi mababali kahit kailan."

After receiving the priest's blessing, the couple, their family and guests proceeded to the Big Brother house for the reception where the housemates were waiting for them.

After Ruben and Jeselle's family gave their inspirational messages to the couple, comedienne Ethel Booba suddenly emerged from the storage room and presented the couple with a honeymoon trip for two to Hong Kong. Ruben was dumbfounded by her kind gesture and was in tears when delivering his thanksgiving speech. As Ruben was trying to hold back tears of joy, his son interrupted him and the Komedyanteng Promdi quipped: "Teka lang, anak, ‘wag mo akong galawin. Nagmo-moment ako..."


It will be remembered that Ruben proposed to Jeselle twice. At first, the bachelor was rejected because Jeselle felt that he was only pressured by Angel Locsin's remark regarding their relationship. The second time was an irresistible moment for them because Ruben did it personally and sincerely. When it was time for Jeselle and the other guests to leave, Ruben couldn't get enough of his wife's kisses and even chased her to the door for a final goodbye kiss.

BIG FIVE. Fresh from Ruben's wedding earlier that afternoon, the five remaining celebrity housemates were given two tasks by Kuya for the night. The first would be for them to give an X medallion to the housemate whom they think is the least deserving housemate to get into the Big Four.

Riza was the first one called but she didn't budge as she told Big Brother, "I think we are all deserving...we should be the Big Five." Like Riza, all the other housemates did not obey Kuya's first task. Ruben even suggested that the Big Four would give a part of their prize for the 5th winner.

The second task was to give a star medallion to the housemate they think should be the Big Winner. Ruben turned out to be the unanimous pick because he exemplified diligence in performing all the tasks, humility, and being a loving person not only to his family but also to his friends. Former celebrity houseguests Mariel Rodriguez and Ethel Booba said that they chose Ruben for these same reasons. For his part, Ruben chose Gaby dela Merced because the Racing Goddess has proven that she can accomplish anything and is firm in her beliefs and principles.


Just one week is left for the five remaining housemates—Gaby dela Merced, Ruben Gonzaga, Will Devaughn, Jon Avila, and Riza Santos—until the grand finale of PBB. Will they be able to push through with their plan to become the first Big Five?

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 airs every night on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida after Ysabella while PBBCE 2 Uber is shown at 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.





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