COMMENTARY: GMA-7's 2014 Christmas station ID (Share The Love)

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes were among the stars seen in GMA-7’s 2014 Christmas Station ID. The Kapuso stars witnessed the turnover of new homes to Yolanda survivors in the GMA-sponsored Kapuso Village located in Tacloban, Leyte.

It has now become a long-standing industry practice for Philippine television channels to produce a station ID before Christmas to be used during the holiday season.

The 2014 Christmas station ID of GMA Network somewhat shifts attention from the stars in the stable. This year’s SID dubbed “Share The Love, Share the Joy,” features the survivors of super typhoon Yolanda.

Instead of a well-polished soundstage, selected Kapuso stars--led by Mel Tiangco and golden couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes--go on location in Tacloban, Leyte where the Kapuso Village has been partially completed.

GMa-7’s station ID starts with actual footage of Typhoon Yolanda’s wrath in Tacloban, narrated by GMA News and Public Affairs pillar Jessica Soho.

This serves to situate us and recall the harrowing events and aftermath of that day in history when the strongest typhoon in history made a landfall in our shores. There is a weepy soundbite and actual footage of the devastation.


Skipping to almost a year later, smiles and sunny skies greet the Kapuso delegation. There are also spanking new, colorful GMA houses. The celebrities descend upon the place, seemingly sans makeup or what industry professionals call the “natural look,” in simple white shirts with “Share The Love” written on them. It is a juxtaposition that sets the tone: we look forward to a brighter future, built on top of the horrible rubble.

The footage itself, almost a series of selfies of the stars with their various fans, appears to be an event coverage. It is, after all, the formal turnover to 172 families of their new homes in the GMA-sponsored Kapuso Village. These houses serve as resettlement areas for residents who were displaced by Yolanda last year.

Hugs and smiles and tears of happiness and thanks abound. This happy, positive attitude definitely renders a good mood that we all anticipate for Christmas.

The Kapuso Network tapped Julie Anne San Jose to perform the theme song and the singer is featured often during the 1:35 video.

The melody of the theme song, “Share the Love,” is light enough to accompany this subdued but still upbeat showing of happiness. Though some of the lyrics are inaudible, the message is clear: much has been done, but there is still much to be accomplished, so more sharing of the “love”, juxtaposed with the Kapuso branding, is necessary.


The song itself does not make much of an impact, but it has a very nice melody. It is a good soundbed for the station ID that mixes a little melodrama and a lot of optimism.

The SID ends with an epilogue providing statistics filled with hope: 172 families have moved into their new houses at the Kapuso Village, the first permanent relocation housing community in Tacloban. But it does not stop there. Next year, 400 more families will have their own homes in the same complex.

It is not only effective as a station ID that is sensitive to the times, but also a good way for people to buy into the endeavor, in this season of benevolence.

Just as the song lyrics indicate, “Kahit simple lang ang regalo / basta’t mula sa puso,” GMA-7’s 2014 Christmas station ID is simple and straightforward.

The Kapuso Network decided to leverage on its storytelling skills by producing a documentary-like station ID—a decision that paid off in the end.



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