GMA News TV launches "May Pag-asa" campaign

GMA News TV's newest station ID uses the theme song "Ano ang Kwento ng Pag-asa Mo?" Jessica Soho (in photo) and other personalities share their personal struggles as part of GMA News TV’s “May Pag-asa” campaign.


GMA News TV’s “May Pag-asa” campaign is a collection of stories of hope aimed to show the power of the human heart to see light in the midst of darkness.

It does this by revealing the little known tragedies and challenges behind the success of GMA News TV’s personalities. In this station and social media campaign, they share their personal struggles (#maypinagdadaanan) and how these became their source of hope (#maypagasa). They also share life stories of a few of their news and documentary subjects so that others can draw inspiration from them.

For seven years, Vicky Morales prayed to have a child. She tried everything—from medical intervention to dancing in Obando. Despite the long wait, she never lost hope. Vicky is now blessed with not just one, but three lovely children.

Jay Taruc was devastated when he learned that his only daughter Sophie has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Sophie cannot walk and may be taken from their family at any time. Jay now spends every possible moment with his daughter.

Cesar Apolinario used to sell cigarettes on the street while Susan Enriquez had to work in a carinderia. Their earnings helped put them through school. Now the two are award-winning journalists.

Solenn Heussaff was bullied at a young age for being overweight. She taught herself to be strong and eat healthy and transformed into an icon of fashion and beauty.

Mel Tiangco suffered from a heart attack while Winnie Monsod experienced a stroke while on the air. Surviving these life threatening conditions pushed them to pursue their advocacies with even more passion.

Mike Enriquez has been married 37 years to his wife Baby. Early in their marriage, the two realized a baby was not in their destiny. Instead of focusing on what they lacked, they decided to work on maintaining a blissful marriage.

Beyond the experiences of its hosts, the channel honors the unwavering spirit of the Filipino and their indomitable courage to stand up and move forward through this campaign.

GMA News TV believes that we are all have our own story of hope. And as we help one another rise up, we help our nation rewrite its future.

"Ano ang Kwento ng Pag-asa Mo?" is the campaign’s theme song performed by Johnoy Danao and co-written by Johnoy with GMA News TV program manager Nena Celle Dumol and executive producer Joni Mosatalla. The song was composed and arranged by Ronald Tomas.

The GMA News TV station ID was shot by director Adolf Alix Jr. and filmed using ARRI Amira cameras provided by CMB Film Services Inc., with the drone shots captured by anchor/reporter Raffy Tima.






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