Zanjoe Marudo says it's more challenging to portray an executive than a father in Dream Dad

In Dream Dad, Zanjoe Marudo gets four women as leading ladies: Neri Naig, Maxene Magalona, Beauty Gonzales and Yen Santos.
Zanjoe is joined in this photo by Jana Agoncillo, the young girl who becomes his ward in the primetime TV series.

Zanjoe Marudo says it's more challenging to play the role of an executive compared to portraying a father in his upcoming TV series Dream Dad.

Dream Dad will revolve around the story of its two main characters— Baste (Zanjoe), a hot bachelor who is trying to mend his broken heart by focusing on his family’s welfare; and Baby (Jana Agoncillo), a young orphan who is searching for a family that will love and fully accept her.

“Ang isang malaking challenge po itong Dream Dad sa akin ay first time ko pong gaganap na isang executive kasi lahat po ng ginampanan kong role ay mahirap ako.

“Ngayon, naka-Amerikana na ako, mayaman ako,” he told entertainment reporters during the program's press conference held last week.

He added, “Ang dami kong in-attend-an na class para lang maturo sa akin kung paano ba tumayo sa ganitong business.”

When asked to choose between playing a poor man or a rich man, Zanjoe replied, “Ang mahirap at mayaman, ang pinagkaiba lang naman po no'n sa pera. Pero sa puso, parehas lang.”

He also said about his new character, “Nandoon pa rin ang pusong masa. Hindi mawawala ang Pinoy charm ng character ko.”

Although he has played lead roles in his previous TV shows, Dream Dad is the first project where Zanjoe plays the title role. This new family drama series is slated to start airing this Monday, after TV Patrol, on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

He admits there is pressure, but the actor pointed out, “Hindi ko iniisip 'yon. Hinuhuli ko 'yong pressure kasi mas iniintindi ko 'yong character ko, 'yong role, 'yong resposibilidad.

“Kapag inisip ko pa kung tatangkilikin ba, kung magre-rate ba 'to, mawawalan ako ng presence [of mind] e.

“Mas iintindihin ko pa ang bawat eksena, ang bawat taping, ang role ko. Kapag maganda ang kinalabasan no'n, susunod naman ang lahat.”


Zanjoe says he is confident about the quality of this series since they are working with director Jeffrey Jeturian and the same people behind Be Careful With My Heart and Pure Love.

He also reveals that he still feel nervous whenever he has a new project.

He stressed, “Siyempre, hindi mawawala 'yong kaba, importante 'yon.

“Dapat kinakabahan ka pa rin kahit papaano. Kapag masyado ka namang kampante, hindi rin maganda.”

In this series, he gets four women as leading ladies: Neri Naig, Maxene Magalona, Beauty Gonzales and Yen Santos.





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