11 reasons why Apl.de.Ap is the new "King of Pick-up Lines"

The Voice PH coach Apl de Ap encourages auditionees to join his team by dishing out pick-up lines. PEPsters, what are your favorite pick-up lines from Coach Apl? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Voice of the Philippines
Season 2 has already concluded the blind auditions. As a result, the 56 artists distributed among four coaches—Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Mañalac, and Apl.de.Ap—will be moving on to the next stage called "Battle Rounds."

As ABS-CBN's reality-talent show competition moves on the second stage, we enjoyed seeing how the coaches competed with each other to get the best auditionees on their team. And if there’s one other thing that caught our attention from this season, it’s coach Apl.De.Ap’s witty pick-up lines to get auditionees join his team. At times, he would even give away roses to select auditionees.

Here are some of Coach Apl.de.Ap’s wittiest pick-up lines he dished out during the blind auditions:

1. He used the word pedicab in his pick-up line for Kai Honasan.

Apl: “Pedicab ka ba?”

Kai: “Bakit?”

Apl: “Pedicaba sa team ko?”

2. This line just made Vanessa Monot feel kilig.

Apl: “Puwedeng may tignan lang ako?

“I just wanted to check if you're made in heaven."

3. He found a new queen: Alisah Bonaobra.

Apl: "Coco [ang pangalan mo] kasi ikaw ang coco-mpleto ng Team ko!"

He also told her:

Apl: “I'm known as Hari ng R&B and Pop.”

“Ngayon, puwede ba kitang maging Reyna ng R&B and Hiphop?”

4. He can’t move forward without Tanya Diaz.

Apl: “Alam mo kailangan mo akong piliin kasi pag hindi mo ako pinili, para akong traffic sa EDSA.

“I cannot move forward without you.

5. Apl.de.Ap thinks working out seems to be Demie Fresco’s secret to her powerful voice.

Apl: “Your voice, ang lakas! Parang nagwo-work out!”

6. Everything seems perfect paired with Samantha Felizco— even him!

Apl: “Alam mo bagay sa 'yo yung kanta, bagay sa 'yo yung look mo, bagay talaga lahat! Pero alam mo kung ano ang mas bagay?”


Samantha: “Ano po?”

Apl: “Ako!”

7. He wants to work out for Lougee Basabas...

Apl: “Alam mo, you make me want to go work out at the gym.”

Lougee: “Bakit?”

Apl: “So I could be stronger to be your man!”

8. ...And eat nilaga with Christelle Tiquis.

Apl: “That performance was very stellar. Parang nilaga!

“Kumpleto e, may sabaw, may karne, may bone marrow pa at saka gulay!

“So talaga ang sarap pakinggan.”

9. Thara Therese Jordana completes his life.

Apl: “Alam mo I only need three things: sun for my day, the moon for my night, and you for the rest of my life.”

10. Apl.de.Ap believes Mackie Cao is an angel.

Apl: “Nasa langit na ba ako? Kasi parang may narinig ako na anghel, e.”

11. Lastly, Arnee Hidalgo freed him!

Apl: “Bago ka kumanta, nakakulong ang puso ko. Nung nagsimula ka, na-release.”

PEPsters, what are your favorite pick-up lines from Coach Apl? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.





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