"Palos" promises twice the action and passion starting January 28

Cesar Montano (right) and Jake Cuenca (left)will make an explosive debut on primetime TV starting Monday, January 28, withthe premiere telecast of ABS-CBN's latest action-adventure series, Palos.

"Sex and violence combined."

That's how director TotoNatividad described ABS-CBN's new action-adventure series, Palos, whichwill premiere on primetime television on January 28.

Top-billing the series is thetandem of Cesar Montano and young heartthrob Jake Cuenca. Both actors confessedthat for a TV series, they were shell-shocked by all the preparations anddemands required of them right from the beginning.

EXTENSIVE TRAINING. Palostells the tale of two top-notch agents of two different generations who turnout to be related by blood. "Kuwento ito ng mag-ama," revealed Cesar about theplot during the January 15 press conference held at ABS-CBN's 9501 restaurantin Quezon City.

In the story, Fabio (Cesar)—acourageous and streetsmart agent—is being hunted by his own son, Giancarlo(played by Jake), who wrongfully assumes that his estranged father was the onewho murdered his mother.

Consumed by anger and the need toavenge his mother's senseless death, Giancarlo sets out to become the best agentwith a personal mission to slay Fabio.


"'Yon ang nagiging motivation sakanya para magsigasig para malagpasan ‘yong kagalingan at skill ng ama niya naoriginal Palos," said Cesar of Jake's character.

Portraying caliber agents had ahefty toll on both Cesar and Jake. To make their portrayal acting moreeffective and believable, both stars underwent extensive physical training inMacau under the guidance of Jackie Chan and Jet Li's personal instructors, AndyYan and Ace Wang. Lester Ledesma also lends his expertise so the fightsequences of Cesar and Jake will be truly breathtaking.

Aside from featuring fast-pacedfight scenes, Palos also boasts special 3D effects and specialdigital features mirroring foreign sci-fi films that are expected to hold theaudience in awe.

"Mas modernized. Kumbaga set inthe present po ‘to, set in 2008," explained Jake with obvious pride. "'Yong mgabaril, ‘yong mga gamit na ginagamit namin, mga bago na po."

SIZZLING BABES. Of course,an action series would not be complete without the presence of sexy andbeautiful women raising the temperature of the equally hot men.


In Palos, Valerie "Bangs"Garcia, Roxanne Guinoo, Carla Humphries, Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson, Wendy Valdez,child star Julia Barretto, and Be Bench winner Regine Angeles were all includedin the cast to provide a feminine touch to the action-packed show. If those localbeauties are not enough to keep the male populace excited, the show also features some Brazilian beauties for maximum heat.

"Mas maraming kissing scene sa‘kin si Jake na ginawa, e," laughed Cesar before adding, "lugi nga kamidito."

However, Cesar and Jake stressedthat aside from lending their sexy presence, the lady characters of Paloswill prove to be very essential as the story rolls along.

Palos is a story of love,vengeance and passion, all rolled into one. Directing the action-adventureseries is the triumvirate of Trina Dayrit, Erik Salud and Toto Natividad.Completing the cast of Palos are Jay-R Siaboc, Gloria Romero, Vandolph,Redford White, Dennis Padilla, and Ron Maloles. Bernard Bonnin—the originalPalos several years back—also has a special role in the series as theinfluential ex-general of Neptune agency.

Watch the explosive premiere of Palos on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida startingMonday, January 28.






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